Watercolor - Tattoowise

courageous heart print My Artwork, prints

pinup watercolor

My Artwork, prints available at my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/jbwickedpaperdolls
20min-sketch tattoo 2010 results from session

dragon watercolor tattoo

results from session on May 25th
Painting #4 done. Done! The colors

how to watercolor tattoo flash

Done! The colors kinda floated together as watercolor likes to, but the outcome turned out ok. Painting is fun, but what with the kids, studying for the drivers licence theoretical test and reading the one million books I've bought over the years and never got around to reading it's hard to find the time for my new passtime.
Yupo's Wally Art Director: Jean

watercolor tattoo art

Art Director: Jean Page Client: Yupo Corporation America Illustration © 2002 Bill Mayer
TIGER TOPHAT Paintings by Myke

tatoo watercolor

Paintings by Myke Chambers www.mykechambers.com
dagger&eye a3 long but

traditional watercolor tattoo

a3 long but half that wide. not for sale.
Take Flight... i'll probably add

watercolor heart tattoo

i'll probably add some sort of quote to this later, but for now i can't decide which one. i also like it for a possible tattoo design...hmmmm.... watercolor, gouache and ink in my hand*book journal
Keep calm and carry on Watercolor and 005

tattoo watercolor painting

Watercolor and 005 archival pen on 5x7" paper.
Chest Tattoo I've been working

tattoo watercolor art

I've been working on this for awhile now, I couldn't decide how I wanted to paint her chest piece and her hair.... I still need to do the background. She is hanging out on my fridge as of right now. Saying hello to me when I stumble out of bed at three in the morning to get a glass of water.
Southern Carmine This photo inspired

watercolor tattoo bird

This photo inspired the painting. Ragz Rejected Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 ragz1138@yahoo.com
DSCN4080 gladiola tattoo in

flower watercolor tattoo

gladiola tattoo in memory of my grandpa, artist was phenominal, used varying shades of back gray and white for the outline for a more realistic feel

Three random tattoo ideas

The Tattooed Lady View On Black

black sleeves tattoo

View On Black - Large The scanning brain detects the tattoo in a fraction of a second.The lady has her back turned towards the culprit.The culprit behaves in an unconspicuous manner.Goes unnoticed, undetected.He/She fiddles with the camera, just out of sight, behaves in stealth mode.He/She takes a shot.The lady hears the sound of the shutter and slightly turns her head.The culprit presses the shutterbutton for a second time and moves on.Dissapeares out of sight, out of mind.The operation was painless, a mere mirage.She mustn't have felt a thing ?