Wayang - Tattoowise

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durgatattoo_srikandi Srikandi - Javanese

wayang tattoo

Srikandi - Javanese Shadow Puppet character.
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Three random tattoo ideas

sandinthecity6 Henna at Orient

hindu henna indian tattoos

Henna at Orient Night by Jumbo Touristics, 15. & 16.6.2011 Please check out my new blog. It is about how to become a professional henn artist. Lots of tips and experiences from my side: jennysmehndi.wordpress.com Also join my Facebook group for latest pictures, videos and news: facebook.com/jennysmehndi
SŁAWEK_METRO_5560 I meet the

thief tattoo

I meet the guy in the metro station (Centrum) in Warsaw. He was drunk and rather aggressive. Not much info from him. 70's prison job.