Wayang - Tattoowise

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durgatattoo_srikandi Srikandi - Javanese

wayang tattoo

Srikandi - Javanese Shadow Puppet character.
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Three random tattoo ideas

If Santa was a millionaire... <i> 30 days

dog tag tattoo

30 days of Christmas Anticipation Day 4♥ 4. I love to create wishlists especially at christmastime. __________________________________________________________________________ I got Tagged by Johanni this time :) I´m going to tag some of you guys too 'cause this is actually really great :) Pictures taken from google!!
tattooclose Left thigh tattoo.

tattoos samoa

Left thigh tattoo. (Niko took this, not me.)
Planet Express tattoo I got the

full arm tattoos logo

I got the Planet Express logo tattooed by Christine at City Body Art in Brisbane. It hurt, but was worth it.