Welsh - Tattoowise

WhoPutTheMikeUpSideways Will playing at

welsh tattoo convention

Will playing at the Welsh Tattoo convention...
 These crumpled sheets

tattoo welsh in

These crumpled sheets photos are probbly some of my favourite photos i've taken, mainly because it was a giggle but also it makes me think of fresh clean sheets, fresh morning air, sunshine streaming through my window & first cuppa tea of the day :)
tattoo full body shot

welsh celtic tats

full body shot of were my tattoo is
dragons, and lions, and crowns, ohh my!! the lion is

dragon welsh tattoo

the lion is my contrabution to this back piece. designed and tattooed by myself.
Morgan the Dragon - 1 March Seeing thats its

tattoos of welsh dragon

Seeing thats its St Davids day today I thought I'd make sure that my HPAD celebrated it. So this is Morgan the Welsh Dragon, he is tattooed on the top of my left leg. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!
stu , tattoo 1 stu in pain

the welsh tattoos

stu in pain while the tattooist goes over his collarbone ! ouch.
gwenan Dave's tattoo tribute

welsh dragon tat

Dave's tattoo tribute to his first child
stu and shadow stu Talking to

welsh tattoos gallery

stu Talking to his tattooist friend in his back garden

Three random tattoo ideas

Westland Wessex HCC4 XV732 of the

tatoo queen of queens

XV732 of the Queen's Flight, Royal Air Force at the International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, July 1993.
Water Side panel

craken tatoo

Side panel
jeremy_binns_brandi_lx last one, i

tattoo gallery daughter

last one, i promise. If you read about the last one, you know why she almost has a smile on this one. tech info: large soft box in front, beauty dish above and to camera right, medium soft box behind and to the camera left