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Destination Three: Central Southampton (Part 2) I revisited some

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I revisited some old sights with Mum last weekend and it was nice to go back to the places I knew when I was an 'iccle 'un. This is an opportunity to share with you what I saw when we checked out old haunts.
State Of Art Photoshoot Had a photoshoot

white ink tattoo parlour

Had a photoshoot in the State Of Art tattoo parlor today, it went pretty good. Was there for around 3 hours, filled my 16gb memory card which is actually a little bit shit considering I only kept around 10 photos.
Model: Jainey (MM #2214502) Model: Jainey
Shoot: Ohh

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Model: Jainey Shoot: Ohh Foxy Lady To see more, visit Jainey's gallery by DVJ Photo
NO!! It's all gone!! sorry, candy, but

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sorry, candy, but it has been a long week! (said on monday night)
A pleasing break After 3 hours,

tattoo shop white ink tattoo

After 3 hours, the buzzing needles halt.
Sometimes Sometimes my head

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Sometimes my head feels as though it is going to explode so many decisions and so many outcomes I tend to wonder if I make the right decisions. I'm stuck at the moment with one of the most hardest decisions yet, time is ticking and I need to decide fast. No matter what option I choose, I sacrifice something. The question is am I strong enough the make the necessary sacrifice.

Three random tattoo ideas

The finished product Got some ink

tattoo de cardinal

Got some ink today. Artist: Mike Lucena at FlyRite Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had given him a few photos and illustrations I pulled from a Google image search and he crafted this. Let's talk about the pain level for a sec: sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked. That tail feather goes on for miles into a seriously sensitive area and red is, I learned, one of the hardest colors to set. Still, I love the finished product.
Birthday girl. No matter where

tattoo star name birthday

No matter where we are, we always seem to have memorable birthdays for Jennie. This year, I organized a mini surprise party with friends and family at local weekend brunch haunt, Cfood.