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Destination Three: Central Southampton (Part 2) I revisited some

portrait jack white

I revisited some old sights with Mum last weekend and it was nice to go back to the places I knew when I was an 'iccle 'un. This is an opportunity to share with you what I saw when we checked out old haunts.
State Of Art Photoshoot Had a photoshoot

white ink tattoo parlour

Had a photoshoot in the State Of Art tattoo parlor today, it went pretty good. Was there for around 3 hours, filled my 16gb memory card which is actually a little bit shit considering I only kept around 10 photos.
Model: Jainey (MM #2214502) Model: Jainey
Shoot: Ohh

beautiful photoshoot in black and white tattoo

Model: Jainey Shoot: Ohh Foxy Lady To see more, visit Jainey's gallery by DVJ Photo
NO!! It's all gone!! sorry, candy, but

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sorry, candy, but it has been a long week! (said on monday night)
A pleasing break After 3 hours,

tattoo shop white ink tattoo

After 3 hours, the buzzing needles halt.
Sometimes Sometimes my head

portland and tattoos and white

Sometimes my head feels as though it is going to explode so many decisions and so many outcomes I tend to wonder if I make the right decisions. I'm stuck at the moment with one of the most hardest decisions yet, time is ticking and I need to decide fast. No matter what option I choose, I sacrifice something. The question is am I strong enough the make the necessary sacrifice.

Three random tattoo ideas

Golden Night Shot near the

tattoo woman gallery

Shot near the cathedral of Metz/France Strobist : - one sb800 with softbox with orange filter @1/16 - one sb600 @1/32
4463200011 A girls tattoed

flipflop foot tattoos

A girls tattoed feet in sandals | BY: Alex Ekins / Aurora Photos Please Note: This image is part of Aurora's myPhone Collection of images taken with mobile devices. Available file sizes vary, and may not be appropriate for some uses. Please contact myphonehelp@auroraphotos.com regarding up-sizing / up-ressing options.
Full back and both arms wrap All images are

tribal lettering for tattoos

All images are partially finished designs and are specific for individuals.