White - Tattoowise

03-Ink Suzzara (MN) -

dream white ink tattoo

Suzzara (MN) - 12 aprile 2012 Follow also me on: Facebook | Google+ | 500px
Ela Pasion @ HIN 2011 Hot Import Nights

los angeles will do white tattoo

Hot Import Nights 12/3/2011 Los Angeles Convention Center Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
Daft Punk Symetria Studios Portfolio

tatoo white pride

Symetria Studios Portfolio Photoshoot @ mikee.ocom.pl
Day of the Dead Ceramic Owl Hand painted on

hearts black and white tattoos

Hand painted on ceramic bisque then fired to make permanent. I tattoo owls.
LOLeuse de mode Session improvisée entre

pics of white tats

Session improvisée entre 3 cartons et une PS3.
4-24-07 Day 256 of

tattoo with white highlights

Day 256 of 365 days . Part of me wonders if I am starting to lose my mind without having a day job. I was at every end of the multidimensional extreme today. I had about an hour of misery and uselessness as I fell into despair thinking I'm never going to find anything to pay my bills. I had about twenty minutes of hope where I was applying for some more jobs. A couple minutes of anxiousness when I thought I was going to get a chance to talk to one of the recruiters for a job I am already up for (I didn't). A nice bit of restful peace where I was taking photos in my studio. And a bit of pipedreaming at being a full time photographer when I was setting up a couple of tarot shoots for this Thursday and Friday. Too much of an emotional gamut. I'm famished. Luckily I'm going out to dinner with Steph's family in
170/365 Light Thinking today was our

awesome black and white tattoo

today was our half day at work and i was excited to get home and get ready because i am going to go to church tonight :D i haven't been since like 05 or something like that and i have really been wanting to go lately and them my friend Racheal invites me to come to her church which was perfect since i had been wanting to go :) it was really fun and a very nice church. i am excited to start going every week! after that she rode with me home to pick up Kaleb because we were going to go see White Chapel downtown. well when we got downtown it turned out that almost all the power was out downtown so the show was being delayed. also bone thugs were playing at another venue and that was a massive line of sluts and other dirty people :/ after walking around and hanging out at the mud house we just decided to go back to my house even though when we were walking back the power came on i didn't feel like going anymore and plus white chapel is on warped tour so i can just see them there. once we
laetitiatatto laetttiiti mode grand

black and white tattoo work

laetttiiti mode grand angle tattoo time
surface stranger walking by

black white street tattoo

stranger walking by me on georgsstrasse hannover.
 Guids' tattoo@Tarifa Cafè.

free black and white tattoos

Guids' tattoo@Tarifa Cafè.

Three random tattoo ideas

stars on forearm tattoo tattooed by johnny

star coloured tattoos

tattooed by johnny at 'the tattoo studio, crayford'