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57 // Theresa's Back 57/365 (20.01)
Shot in

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57/365 (20.01) Shot in her appartement on a rainy day in January.
Beautiful Dirty Rich - Beyonce Lingerie - Second Life Styling Notes:
Lingerie: Beautiful

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Styling Notes: Lingerie: Beautiful Dirty Rich, Best Thing I Never Had, White Hair: BC322, Emo Princess Color, Brown Lashes: Sn@tch, Lush Glam, Black Skin: Damned, Alice Tattoo: Para Designs, Morning Dew, Dark Poses: Glow, Jazumi pixelpantiesonparade.com/2011/08/dont-let-this-lingerie-r...
Henna Project Henna by Kayley

fine black and white tattoo

Henna by Kayley Smith
Ela Pasion @ HIN 2011 Hot Import Nights

pink and white butterfly tattoo on back

Hot Import Nights 12/3/2011 Los Angeles Convention Center Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
Bumbershoot 2012 ~ Lights Lights performs on

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Lights performs on September 3, 2012 at Bumbershoot in Seattle, Washington
Cover Up #1 - Before.... www.artaddictiontattoo.com

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Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © Lei Lei Photography, All rights reserved.

Three random tattoo ideas

Miss Lucinda Pin Up Girl Miss Lucinda Pin

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Miss Lucinda Pin Up Girl shoot took place at the liverpool. model: lucinda Quinn photographer: Steven Cheshire
DEATH Set of Tarot

samurai airbrush

Set of Tarot Cards based on characters from Cartoon Network shows Art Director: Jay Rogers Client: Cartoon Network Illustrations © 2004 Bill Mayer