White - Tattoowise

Tattoo Jompi gets a

white ink tattoo australia

Jompi gets a new tattoo. Location: Artful Ink, Gjøvik, Norway. This is the guy who did it, check it out: profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile...
amulets It was believed

black and white buddha tattoo

It was believed that Lord Buddha was previously born as a turtle called Phaya Taoreuan, and he helped protect the lives of other turtles. According to Chinese traditional Feng-Shui, the turtle is a kind of good fortune animal because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards, a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life. Senior Thai monks createed turtle amulets to help their worshippers call upon good fortune and at the same time dispel all evil dangers and troubles. It is generally believed that this kind of amulet is ideal for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Annual Tattoo Festival Wat Bang Phra March 7, 2009 in Nakhom Pathom Canon 1V Tri-X
Madeline & AJ Maddy and I

black and white contrast tattoo

Maddy and I watched a high fashion video this morning while at the DC meet up and got extremely inspired. Most of the stuff we shot today was high contrast, harsh lighting, and american apparel-esque inspired. I hope you all stop to appreciate how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Maddy and AJ are. Seriously guys. Stop being photographers and just go be models. I love these two, and I'm so happy to have met them and become such good friends with them. <3
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2009 - 58 Coney Island Mermaid

black and white face tattoo

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2009 A rainy day that held up just enough to soak in the annual color and flamboyant pageantry of "Sodom by the Sea" June 20th Tattoo dude and two lady friends after the parade posed for me exclusively.
4628800174 Tattooed young woman

black and white female arm tattoos

Tattooed young woman eating lunch | BY: Susan Rae Tannenbaum / Aurora Photos PLEASE NOTE: This image is part of Aurora's myPhone Collection of images taken with mobile devices. Available file sizes vary, and may not be appropriate for some uses. Please contact myphonehelp@auroraphotos.com regarding up-sizing / up-ressing options.
297 H-500 c/m Kodak

black and white hands tattoo

H-500 c/m Kodak Professional T-MAX 400
Ghost Cat l Orlando, Fl Ghost Cat. Check

black and white tatto sleeve ideas

Ghost Cat. Check them out here Like my photos? Like me on facebook and check out my website
RoEmWi we are for

black and white tattoo oregon

we are for surely going to be using this room for more shots. I love the bricks and the ceiling height. Now if I only had a 17mm pancake lens.
 Nikon D700 |

black white flower tattoos

Nikon D700 | Zeiss Distagon ZF T* 35mm f/2 |
Self_BW_10x8 Self-portrait, 28 Dec

black white tribal tattoo

Self-portrait, 28 Dec 2007.
Camden 02 June P6025495 These first 90

black white unique tattoos

These first 90 shots document my walk on June 2nd from Mornington Crescent undergound station to Chalk Farm underground station, going directly up Camden High Street and Chalk Farm Road. I didn't deviate into any side streets this time out, but next session I'll be getting off the beaten Touristy track... These new Camden photos are partly for me, but largely for research for a friend's novel.

Three random tattoo ideas

MH& Harajuku Street Fashion A cool guy

japanese girl tattoo

A cool guy and girl in Harajuku - both carrying shopping bags from H&M Harajuku. Too bad their bags weren't reversed in the photo, then it would have read "H&M" properly! Even though the bags are H&M, I don't think the fashion is. The tall thin guy is wearing a headband and has some cool tattoos - she's wearing a vest and shorts.
Tattooed lady Lidia oh lidea

3d tattoo heart

Lidia oh lidea oh have you met lidia.. It can be found at hungryeyeball.com. hungryeyeball.com/artist-gallery/t-z/tripper-dungan/