White - Tattoowise

TATTOO Taken on 6th

in black and white tattoo parlor

Taken on 6th Street in Austin, TX. For more info about this shot, please visit my blog. My HDR work-flow. My gallery.
My Grandparents Wedding  picture If I could

kat von d white tattoo

If I could ever afford a Kat Von D portrait tattoo, this is the one I would want to get. I have always loved this picture, they look like movies stars. My grandpa really looks like Clark Gable in this photo.
 AHD (All Hallows

pencil black and white tattoos

AHD (All Hallows Dendrophilia) dance/photographic project. This was the first part with the body painting done in 2009.
Julie Showing Me Porn 103_0370 Or the basics

tatoos in black and white

Or the basics anyways. www.myspace.com/lordmalikai pyromade@aol.com
Lotus Flower - IMGP4279 White Lotus Flower

tattoo white flower

White Lotus Flower (lotus flowers): Dancing ID: IMGP4279 Best to View On Black
tex Please don't use

tattoo white ink dallas

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © Lei Lei Photography, All rights reserved.
hangin about Ms Asphyxia MM#558864

tattooed model in black and white

Ms Asphyxia MM#558864 White Door Sessions Primal Stare Studios March 28th 2009

Three random tattoo ideas

Pre-needle concept (crappy in progress

tattoo nebula

(crappy in progress cell phone picture) The concept in marker before starting to inj. Will take a couple sittings Artist: Conan Lea volutatattoo.com/