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wings tattoo on legs

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"Christmas present to Luke" This is a

initials with wings tattoo

This is a little book of photos that I put together for Luke as a Christmas present last year. He thought the first few or more shots were really sweet and funny but the last few he didn't find to be very funny at all. He went from smiling to scowling and looking oddly somewhere in between angry, sick, and frightened. It was a little joke. That tattoo session is real but I didn't get the tattoo. It was just pretend to give Luker a little scare. You know, nothing says merry Christmas like scaring the hell out of your husband!
samba hero National passion

3d tattoo wings

National passion
Late Nights Photo by Pacho:

a picture of some wings tattoo

Photo by Pacho:
[Shadow] MilanO 18/04/2008 La

a star tattoo with wings

MilanO 18/04/2008 La Mia Rimmel. Mi spiace per il tatuaggio coperto uffi -.-'
Tattoo with cigarette Drawing that I

abstract wings tattoo

Drawing that I made
Wings of an Underdog My brother's airbrushed

airbrushed wings

My brother's airbrushed tattoo.
mended wings I'm so busy

angel broken wings

I'm so busy with my class now and I'm still booked solid on the weekends this is one from the other day there are a few more I've been trying to get to. I love the texture in this one and her pose. a bit more forthright then the last one maybe
Heaven Must Be MIssing An Angel... 366/058 Just my alter

angel demon tattoo wings

Just my alter ego :)
Mary angel Tattoo Tattooed by Ray

angel demon wings tattoos back

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
We love you Sam!!! My friend, Sam,

angel halo and wings

My friend, Sam, passed away 1/25/08. She was only 18. She lived her life the best way she knew how. Loving life, ignoring the bullshit and always up for having a good time. My tatt is the one with the single 4-leaf clover. I got that done a few years ago. Sam really loved my tatt and wanted to get a 4-leaf clover on her foot as well. It was her only tattoo. Amanda and Amy got their memorial tatts done a few months after she passed. Amy's is the one with the pink angel wings and the green clover and Amanda's is the one with star halo. BBB on Amanda's tatt stand for Sam's nick name: Big Booty Batjes. We love ya girly!!!
What I will Modify for my Elaine Tattoo It's not my

angel halo wings

It's not my tattoo... it's just one I like. I added a bunch of photos of Tattoos I like either as is or with modifications to add to my blog page. This one I want to replace the diampnd with an "E" for my foster mother and replace the crown with a halo. I want it on my Right Scapula
wing/angel design go tattoos go.

angel tribal wings

go tattoos go. I love designs I drew this on a birthday card and I took a pic of it with my phone so the pic isn't that great. I'm trying to work on tribal tatto designs but I am not that good but most of my drawings suck anyways happy happy right? I do love the wings though

Three random tattoo ideas

Jason is tattooing Josh Jason Brooks 908

viking ship tattoo

Jason Brooks 908 E. 5th St. Suite #107 Austin, Texas 78702 For more info and appointments: or call 512-573-7790