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KK+ PinUp Photoshoot.ArtDirector Shephanie Black.FFX © Florbela's Fotographix.IMG_7114-2.wtmrk2 Pin Up Photoshoot

tattoo xoxo

Pin Up Photoshoot : Location @KK+ www.flickr.com/people/kk/ - Where I was an assistant photographer. Photography & Post Processing by FFX-Florbela's Fotographix

Three random tattoo ideas

Koi tattoo Just finished session

koi fish and cherryblossom

Just finished session one!
Ears Ears... Ears on

second skin tattoo designs

Ears... Ears on a skin are very important to me, they are attached to the face, and IMO if the ears are ugly, it makes the face ugly too! So ladies, if it looks like something unspeakable could crawl out of your head holes, if they look like last weeks leftovers, or if they look like they've been stepped on by an elephant, HIDE THEM, or cover them with hair or prim ears ffs. Or if you've got balls, IM the creator and ask why there are bacon flaps attached to you head! :P It took me forever to get these just right! I redid them several times and during the process I learned a lot about the way light reflects off of skin, because ears are naturally pretty shiny on the inside with lots of creases, crevices, bends and variations in texture, translucency and color.