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Sanja Matsuri The original article

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The original article for this image lives at tokyo.japantimes.co.jp/post/en/545/Sanja+Matsuri.html
Dark Moon by Luis Royo inspired makeup

tattoo geisha yakuza

inspired makeup
Yakuza Tattoo - Sketching I got an

full body yakuza tattoos

I got an inspiration for a new yakuza tattoo and had an extra FR Homme body around to use as canvas. I bought a Hot Toys Goemon Saizo head to complete the doll. I think this tattoo came out better than the first one as I researched lots of ukiyo-e and yakuza symbolics in order to create it.
Tattooed From a tattoo

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From a tattoo shoot I did in Japan. More at FANTiM.COM
Yakuza Taken at Enoshima

japan yakuza tattoos

Taken at Enoshima beach
No Yakuza in the Capsule Hotel Unlike some of

japanese tattoo yakuza

Unlike some of the pro-gangster public baths I was hanging at...
untouchable  IMG_3402.5.16.2009

japanese tattoos yakuza

Tattoo "G-san" spent 120

japanese yakuza tattoo

"G-san" spent 120 hours under the needle when he was 17, to get this full-back tattoo.
Full sleeve Body art by

koi tattoo on yakuza

Body art by Jason Hobbie
will haben!!! projekt - yakuza-

koi yakuza tattoo

projekt - yakuza- rücken - nix kai - koi
 Pez Koi, en

pez koi yakuza

Pez Koi, en proceso. Todo lo que es gordeeeto !
"Yakuza" 100 x 81

photo tatouage yakuza

100 x 81 cm - sold

Three random tattoo ideas

... de tinta y sangre A la llegada


A la llegada a Zacatecas, esa ciudad tan maravillosa, Alain y yo buscamos un lugar donde poder hacernos un tatoo... y lo encontramos. Cansados por el viaje tan sumamente largo pero ilusionados por encontrarnos una vez más en México no nos importo el cansancio acumulado y despues de elegir nuestro simbolo... nos lo llevamos pegado a la piel. Aquí estan las manos del tatuador mientras trabaja con Alain... espero que os gusten. Zacatecas (México)
Mrs. Kitty This is a

keeper tattoos

This is a girl who was at a friend of mines crawfish boil. After talking to her, we realized we lived near each other. She is actually a proffesional photographer. Her Husband has huge wing tattooos on his back. Taken with a Nikon D40 Click here to View On Black