Tatoo leg - Tattoowise

Line work done :) Asian Arowana tattoo!

leg tattoos hawaii

Asian Arowana tattoo! Thanks to Leo@ Two Thumbs Tattoo Hawaii for inking my designs!
Self 10/2/06 - Fire Monkey Day 31 of

male leg tattoo

Day 31 of 365 selfportraits.
Mermaid Me Jason has this

tattoo mermaid on leg

Jason has this on his leg, I gave him a card when we were dating with this mermaid on the front, and wrote that if he wanted to get a mermaid tattoo it should be this one, because it looked like me! I honestly love this so much...
record player toni by Myke Chambers

tattos in leg

by Myke Chambers www.mykechambers.com
dancing skeleton tattoo I tattoo @Tattoo

music tatto leg

I tattoo @Tattoo Boogaloo 528 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 391-1053
Top-down There is something

hawaii tattoo leg

There is something to be said for the look of ink and blood.
Beauty & Digital Tattoo Photo By: ArTuan

hot leg tattoo

Photo By: ArTuan Digital Tattoo: BryanWynn
leg when kittens were finished with it The other leg

tattoo leg cat

The other leg is just as bad, I do wish they would not use me as a climbing frame
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