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braço carpa zá Carpa - Braço/Ombro

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Carpa - Braço/Ombro
J A foto é

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A foto é do meu sócio (e marido), mas como eu ajudei emprestando minha perna e ele não tem frick, posto aqui pra ver o que o povo acha! foto e tratamento: Marco Antonio modelos: Juliana P. e perna da Dadá
My new tattoo Finally I got

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Finally I got my cute pink ribbons :D And it hurted like hell on the legs!!
3º Osasco Tattoo Festival  3º Osasco Tattoo

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3º Osasco Tattoo Festival
Rua Augusta - São Paulo, a Selva de Pedra Virgindades são perdidas

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Virgindades são perdidas Doenças venéreas adquiridas Ovos jogados pelas janelas Peitos são expostos como pernas e a Tia Augusta continua parindo primas. ISO 160 F 2.8 Vel 1/8 c/ Flash
Pink bow tattoo: done TODAY! :D Sorry for the

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Sorry for the crappy picture - had to use the mirror... This is my 4th tattoo. I have 3 other really tiny ones: a star on my right foot and a sakura flower and a ® on my right wrist. This is my first colored tattoo, and it is by far the biggest one. My boyfriend didn't love it (he hasn't seen it live yet, only a photograph - but he works in the financial market - square!) and I am pretty sure my parents will hate it too, but my sister loved it! :D I like it too. It WILL take time getting used to it, I guess. And I can always wear jeans (my fave outfit), trousers, stockings and long skirts when I don't want to see it or let it be seen. And yes, It hurts SO BAD, God!
Que chegue logo o verão na Bahia... Porto da Barra

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Porto da Barra - Salvador/ Bahia/ Brasil