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braço carpa zá Carpa - Braço/Ombro

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Carpa - Braço/Ombro
J A foto é

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A foto é do meu sócio (e marido), mas como eu ajudei emprestando minha perna e ele não tem frick, posto aqui pra ver o que o povo acha! foto e tratamento: Marco Antonio modelos: Juliana P. e perna da Dadá
My new tattoo Finally I got

tattoo para fazer a perna

Finally I got my cute pink ribbons :D And it hurted like hell on the legs!!
3º Osasco Tattoo Festival  3º Osasco Tattoo

perna tatoo

3º Osasco Tattoo Festival
At the zoo The coolest animal

tatoo para perna

The coolest animal at the zoo - lol! The tatoo belongs to Johnny . Today's soundtrack: Qual é? - Marcelo D2
Rua Augusta - São Paulo, a Selva de Pedra Virgindades são perdidas

tatoo perna

Virgindades são perdidas Doenças venéreas adquiridas Ovos jogados pelas janelas Peitos são expostos como pernas e a Tia Augusta continua parindo primas. ISO 160 F 2.8 Vel 1/8 c/ Flash
Pink bow tattoo: done TODAY! :D Sorry for the

tatuagem perna

Sorry for the crappy picture - had to use the mirror... This is my 4th tattoo. I have 3 other really tiny ones: a star on my right foot and a sakura flower and a ® on my right wrist. This is my first colored tattoo, and it is by far the biggest one. My boyfriend didn't love it (he hasn't seen it live yet, only a photograph - but he works in the financial market - square!) and I am pretty sure my parents will hate it too, but my sister loved it! :D I like it too. It WILL take time getting used to it, I guess. And I can always wear jeans (my fave outfit), trousers, stockings and long skirts when I don't want to see it or let it be seen. And yes, It hurts SO BAD, God!