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Flaming Cherry Tattoo Large - D Blue 02 Flaming Cherry Tattoo

flaming cherry tattoo

Flaming Cherry Tattoo Large on Blue fabric now available in the Spoonflower market place. www.voodoo-rabbit.blogspot.com © Voodoo Rabbit
IMG_0188 Flaming Skull Tattoo

flaming tatoo

Flaming Skull Tattoo
Flaming tribal skull One off tattoo

flaming skull tattoo

One off tattoo fitting the design brief of skull who looked evil with tribal and flames.
IMG_0187 Flaming Skull Tattoo

flaming skull tattos

Flaming Skull Tattoo
ryan's tattoo pretty good considering

tattoo flaming heart

pretty good considering it was done by some dude in his house
Winged Skull Winged flaming skull

tattoo flaming wings

Winged flaming skull
Giraffe (28/365) Couldn't think of

flaming giraffe tattoo

Couldn't think of anything, so thought i would do tattoo tour
P1240651MC Another practice piece

flaming wings tattoo

Another practice piece on pigskin, this time 3D'ing the heart and varying the color distribution on the wings.
Flaming Chevy Logos Tattoos The dude has

photo de tatouage flaming

The dude has flaming chevy logos tattooed to the back of his legs! WTH!