Tatouage hibiscus - Tattoowise

tattoo! :D me kedó

hibiscus tatuaje

:D me kedó bonito =)
Tattooing continues... My next victim,

hibiscus shading tattoo

My next victim, a spaghetti squash, undergoing a treatment of flowers and leaves. Practicing with the machines, getting a better feel for the tools and steps. Mainly getting a hang of what to expect out of shading, though much can't be done when the squash is turning into mush after one or two passes. I'm loving this.
IMG_1946 Spirit of Aloha

plumeria hibiscus tattoo

Spirit of Aloha Tattoo
Rhonda's Arms iPhone pic...oopps I

hibiscus and hummingbird tattoos

iPhone pic...oopps I forgot my camera
Hibiscus A lady asked

free hibiscus tattoo design

A lady asked for a Hibiscus tattoo design, this is what I came up with. It includes tribal like elements.
..this'll fade colour slightly... ..I know it

hibiscus tatoos

..I know it looks like a bruise right now...but it'll go more pink than magenta... ...plus it's made my arm swell and hurt like billy o.... ...I quite like the painterly style to these...stylised but look as if done in pastel too...I'm getting used to them....I'm looking forward to the turquoise...that's next on the agenda...
Hibiscus This is one

hibiscus tattoos in color

This is one of the first Hibiscus attempt I have ever done, since then, I have been doing a lot of them.
Stencil Stencil Of My

outline of a hibiscus flower

Stencil Of My Tattoo
MY FIRST (AND LAST) TATTOO!!! it was soooooooo

pink hibiscus flower tattoos

it was soooooooo worth it!!!!8/31/08
MY FIRST (AND LAST) TATTOO!!! 8/31/08 My hibiscus flower

pink hibiscus tattoos

My hibiscus flower and my name.........This took about 45 minutes.............it hurt sooooooooo bad i thought i was gonna lose it..............but i took it like a trooper!!!!8/31/08
My left arm tattoo My left arm

gray hibiscus tattoo

My left arm tattoo