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Catch Photo #13 1M This is Catch

wings behind ear

This is Catch Photo game #11 I'm playing with my Partner Darek (aka blankspace321) . We each take turns adding something to the photo. We limit this to 20 additions each. This is my 13th addition. To see the photo Darek started the game with: Click Here!
DZ Leo II Long story short

bat wings

Long story short (^_^0) here's the twin to the other vampy Leo who was meant to be the original! Now friends share twin vamp boys and I think that's adorable (jealous lol)! Kedrian's (DoA) idea for the hair was such a great idea! (which this boy also belongs to.)
bleeding heart 2009 hand embroidery and

skull with wings tattoo flash

hand embroidery and applique. machine edges. sold
3bfd4382xw Spitfire ARCO

wings on gun tattoo

Spitfire ARCO
Ryans 3rd session. this is ryan..

tattoo gallery roses wings

this is ryan.. "HI RYAN!!" he thinks hes so hardcore, but he cried like a lil baby, i promise, im not lieing, i had to hold his hand.. muahahahahahaha.... ;] i keeed i keeeed! its coming along nicely, im thinking 3 more sessions to go! artist: johnny of inkfiend tattoo in alhambra, CA. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
12.Feb.09 ~ My B-day ~ Tattoo Fazendo a minha

wings tattoo 2009

Fazendo a minha tatu (presente de níver). Depois de todo o sofrimento... TATTOO DRAWN BY ME.
Fly Gostei apesar dos

skull head and wings tattoos

Gostei apesar dos arabescos ruins!
Photo 44(2)-full.jpg my first (and

wings on backtattoo

my first (and third the letters came second) tattoo. Translates from Italian to 'Music Charms the Soul' because it truly does.