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Dayak Iban Rosette Dayak Iban Rosette.

iban back piece tattoo

Dayak Iban Rosette. Made by traditional Dayak Borneo hand-tapping tools at Original Sin Tattoo studio in Mortsel-Antwerp, Belgium. No Machine !
Custom ankle & foot Custom ankle &

iban kalimantan

Custom ankle & foot hand-tapping tattoo. Freehand. Made by using a traditional Dayak hand-tapping tools. No tattoo machine!
drink_rice_wine Traveler with Longhouse

iban tatoo

Traveler with Longhouse Leader ' Tuai Rumah'
Udo Aso (Dragon Dog) Udo Aso (Dragon

iban traditional tattoo

Udo Aso (Dragon Dog) tattoo from Dayak Kayan tribe on thigh. Made by using a traditional Dayak hand-tapping tools. No tattoo machine!
Bunga Terung Bunga Terung (eggplants

tattoo iban sarawak

Bunga Terung (eggplants flower) is a popular tattoo from the borneo. belong to the Iban Tribe or commonly called the Head Hunters during the White Rajah era. the tattoo is to memorializes the tranformation of the iban tribe child to adult. yeah, its mean your a man now! The swirl in the middle is called " the tali nyawa" which means the rope of life that symbolize the person life force and the beginning of a new journey(as adult).The petals surrounding the Tali Nyawa symbolize the Strength and Power. this is the first time ever i promoted the Native of Borneo tattoo arts. i'm not so into tattoos but living here in sarawak where there are bout 180 plus ethnics with tons of believe and hold different religion. we manage to make an understanding with each others without any problem all this long years living together. since most of the tourist would take this tattoo home as a souvenir. i remembered the iban tattoos being feature in miami ink a few years back, if im n
Durga Tattoo Summer Euro 2011 schedule Yes, summer. We

iban tattoo berlin

Yes, summer. We don't want to leave our equatorland to go in winter. No ! :-) Website: www.durgatattoo.com Photos & videos on flickr.com: www.flickr.com/photos/24513560@N03/sets/ Durga Tattoo on youtube.com: www.youtube.com/user/durgatattoo
sarepakabag_stencil1 The stencil sketching

headhunter iban tattoos

The stencil sketching in traditional Mentawai way. Titi Serepak Abak. (Serepak Abak = the Mentawai tattoo motive for male back which represent an outrigger canoe).
Bala kumang Traditonal dress Iban

tatoo iban com

Traditonal dress Iban
Borneo Headhunters The Borneo Headhunters

tattoo iban

The Borneo Headhunters tattooing traditional Iban patterns by hand. Lausanne Tattoo Convention 2003.