Tattoo baby feet wings - Tattoowise

Baby on a Star This was fun

baby angel wings tattoo

This was fun . I was asked to do a drawing for a tattoo . This was done in pencil ( 4b) then inked with Pigma Markers ( 005 - 08 )
2/365: New Year's Resolution My New Year's

tatoos of baby feet

My New Year's Resolution (for Flickr Group Roulette as well as for general sentiment): To FULLY participate in this new year of the 365 Project. That is, to ACTUALLY take 365 photos of myself for 365 days. Additionally, to take/post a photo of one of the kiddos each day. Between my own four and my niece and nephew that I babysit, I have plenty of photogenic subjects that I've been neglecting. Pretty cute little dude, isn't he? Especially given that he's SICK at the moment. (High fever the past two days, etc).
You Can Call Me Hermes.  This isn't a

hermes wings on feet

This isn't a tattoo, I drew it on myself with Prismacolor Markers and a Black Sharpie. I was inspired by Hermes the messenger of the gods, and his winged sandals. I really do love this though, so who knows, maybe I will get it as a tattoo. Haha.
Little Feet Just messing around

baby feet

Just messing around with some textures on PS. I did this one for my nephew's very first father's day.
A Mother's Tattoo at the carnival This young lady

baby feet tattoo gallery

This young lady was kind enought to let me capture this photo.
Wings in heels. A fellow patron

tattoo wings in the feet

A fellow patron of 518 West was kind was kind enough to humor me with a photo of her feet... as my embarrassed husband trotted off to the bar. "It's a photographer thing," I told him, "you wouldn't understand." ;-) (Then I thought to myself... this is just like something Will would do!) [20080505_186zP-R.jpg]
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