Tattoo baby feet wings - Tattoowise

Baby on a Star This was fun

baby angel wings tattoo

This was fun . I was asked to do a drawing for a tattoo . This was done in pencil ( 4b) then inked with Pigma Markers ( 005 - 08 )
OM2n solita porta, solito

feet tattoo wings

solita porta, solito specchio... OM2n con 50mm f/1.8, foto scansionata e croppata.
Little Feet Just messing around

baby feet

Just messing around with some textures on PS. I did this one for my nephew's very first father's day.
Ciúmes Ela invejou a

feet wings tattoo

Ela invejou a cor das asas da minha fada hahah :~ Jealous of the color of the wings
Wings in heels. A fellow patron

tattoo wings in the feet

A fellow patron of 518 West was kind was kind enough to humor me with a photo of her feet... as my embarrassed husband trotted off to the bar. "It's a photographer thing," I told him, "you wouldn't understand." ;-) (Then I thought to myself... this is just like something Will would do!) [20080505_186zP-R.jpg]
A Mother's Tattoo at the carnival This young lady

baby feet tattoo gallery

This young lady was kind enought to let me capture this photo.
You Can Call Me Hermes.  This isn't a

hermes wings on feet

This isn't a tattoo, I drew it on myself with Prismacolor Markers and a Black Sharpie. I was inspired by Hermes the messenger of the gods, and his winged sandals. I really do love this though, so who knows, maybe I will get it as a tattoo. Haha.
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