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tattoo  v4 love her fingernails

tattoo girl waist

love her fingernails
Primadonna girl all i ever

below the waist girl tattoos

all i ever wanted was the world
When I see a good picture in front of me, I take it... Whether it makes

tattoo around waist

Whether it makes me seem like Aperitive or not! It's a beautiful tattoo.
Day 221x: Looks Like I've Got Some Shopping To Do I hate shopping.

tattoo waist

I hate shopping. I really, really do. And I hate that I feel like all I ever talk about is how much weight I've lost. But dudes....look at how much weight I've lost! These pants fit me last year. Now? I can pull them down without even unbuttoning them. I spent some time this afternoon trying on all of my Fall and Winter work pants and they all fit this way. I need an entire new selection of Fall work pants. Which means shopping. Gross. But it has got to be done. I can't walk around like this. And no, I'm not overlooking how happy I should be that I've lost all this weight. I am super happy that I've lost all this weight. I really am. I wanted to lose it. So yes, that is all very happy and good news. Yay!
59/365 1/20/09 Well, it's

tattoo waist and side

1/20/09 Well, it's me again. Last week I thought I had posted my last 365 Project photo because my husband has been very sick lately. I wasn't sure if I could continue to take self-portraits each day, especially since most of my days lately are spent worrying, crying, etc. Yet, I didn't want my 365 photos to be all doom and gloom, so I was doing my best to put those emotions aside, even if it was only for one photo. Eventually, though, I just started to feel like a phoney. So, I decided that maybe this wasn't the best time for my 365 project, said good-bye, but vowed to start again when my personal life settled down. Well, lo and behold I have really missed my 365. I know it is probably "against the rules" to take a few days off and then re-start it, but that's exactly what I think I'm going to do. Of course, if I make it through all 365 photos I won't call it "official". In fact, I jus
342/365: Tutu #2 I finished it

dragon tattoo on waist

I finished it today! Although, for a more accurate representation of its color, please see it here. Oh but, you must!!! Perfect timing, because I still feel like crap and this way I can STILL get away with not showing my makeup-less face, as I have been doing since Tuesday ;-) 50 Random Facts About Me #27: The reason I had to have my gallbladder removed is because I had so LITTLE fat in my diet, all the bile sat there and did not do its job breaking down fat and it turned into stones. I have always been on the average to a little chubby side, and have went up and down as I think all women have...but I was always convinced I was totally fat. But I was so obsessed with looking 'perfect' and people in my own family would always give me a hard time to lose a few pounds so I made up my own diet which was basically no more then 500 calories a day and as little to no fat as possible. I
hidden dragon Part of my

dragon tattoo waist

Part of my dragon tattoo. Can't wait to go back to Alan Jones to let him finish it!
For you Nici................. My friend Nici

flower waist tattoo

My friend Nici suggested I could turn my recently acquired scar into a tattoo of a flower………….. I’ve borrowed the children’s face paints and tested my painting ‘upside down’ skills (quite tricky I will add) and hey presto! Other tattoo ideas welcome…………. ;-) For those people wondering why i paint my belly
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