Tattoo bird made of music notes - Tattoowise

Carmen. 3rd tat Billie Holiday Focused Studio Tattoos

music notes on side body

Focused Studio Tattoos & Piercing, Cleveland, Ohio
Plain guitar tattoo Not sure about

music notes tat

Not sure about this. Rubbish quality cuz its drawn on with a biro.....not the easiest thing to do
47460_425455871361_510576361_5358646_1466402_n Stars music notes

music staff and notes tattoo

Stars music notes staff wrap tattoo my own version

music notes tattoos

my own version of Lil Wayne's tattoos. since is a music site, i chose musical notes in lieu of tears.
Carmen. 3rd tat finished. Billie Holiday tattoo

tattoo art music notes

Billie Holiday tattoo - Focused Studio Tattoos & Piercing, Cleveland, Ohio
Allegro Con Brio London Shots |

flowers and music notes tattoo

London Shots | Paris Shots | Night Shots | Architecture Shots | Still Life ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Hasan Hadi. All rights reserved. If you wish to use any of my images, please Contact Me
Its all music Tam Tams on

tattoo gallery music notes

Tam Tams on the base of Mont Royal, Montreal.
CRW_3729 brand new tattoo

music notes tattoo foot

brand new tattoo inflictingink @ portsmouth, ri
bird tattoo on Squaaks band

bird music tattoo

on Squaaks band singer. A grainy enlargement, but I wanted to see it closer. Used as a move in Photo Dominoes:
Groove is in the heart My lonely, and

music notes tattoo wrist

My lonely, and rather crappy heart that inspired quite a lot of 'oh are you a HIM fan?' comments grrr was made considerably more beautiful today by the wonder that is Nick Griffiths @ Tattoo Monkey in Southampton. Thank you Nick, I love it! View On Black Oh son took these pics. :)
UV Tattoo tattoo by Hally

tribal music notes

tattoo by Hally on Danny with UV music chords from Metalica's Nothing else Matters on black tribal design with red flames. Photo taken with uv lamp.
Fall in music Necessito di "staccare"

tattoo flowers and music notes

Necessito di "staccare"
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