Tattoo candy magazine - Tattoowise

Wedding Hair Trial The trial of

candy sleeve tattoo

The trial of my wedding hair style - jonny got it first try :) I loved it!
 designed this tattoo

candy cute tattoos

designed this tattoo for my then girlfriends 21st birthday!
260-E1 Her face could

tattoo of lollipop candy

Her face could have been lit a bit more here, but she kinda raised above where the 1 light reached.
Nina The very talented

tatto magazine

The very talented and gorgeous Nina Kate
Half Sleeve, Detail This is the

lollipop candy cupcake tattoo

This is the coloring and swirl design I want for the lollipops.
 It's not 1st

tattoo magazine model

It's not 1st of July but I was too excited to wait. :) My 4th magazine cover. Pick up a free issue of PRICK Magazine at a tattoo shop near you!
Skin Art #108 Tsunami Tattoo Skin

tattoos magazine free

Tsunami Tattoo Skin Art
Manboy This ad in

tattoo gallery magazine

This ad in Rolling Stone made for an interesting photo & an idea of what my 15-year-old brother may look like with facial hair.
eona 017 by iris Más fotos de

tattoo magazine gallery

Más fotos de la sesión del viernes 25 de Enero con el grupo de 'fantasy metal': ~Eona~. Artículo Sobre Eona + Entrevista + Fotos + Vídeo Nuevo concurso para músicos en Magazine Siglo XXI, 'SE BUSCA' Poco a poco subiré el resto de la sesión.
crapburger final got on

candy skull tattoo art

final got on to this!!!
wedding roll 10 After her cousin's

magazine de tattoos black and white

After her cousin's wedding ceremony.. Fed 5b, industar 55 2.8, expired ilford delta 100. Scanned at home with Pentax K10D ;-)
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