Tattoo cloud shading - Tattoowise

gypsy lady Done by Tom

black gray shading

Done by Tom Ruki at Tenacious Tattoo Seffield
TimsTattooShading-0007 New shading on

shading flames tattoo

New shading on Tim's tattoo.
Rose Henna Volcano Henna By

tattoo shading healing

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
Details Blogged here

japanese cloud tattoo

Blogged here
Wholly Holy Series Graphic This is a

cloud around cross tattoo

This is a design I created, with some help from Jonathan Culp, for a series at Fellowship Church called Wholly Holy. This are was used for everything from stage design, countdowns, background art, clothing, opening animation and more.
greatwave One of five

cloud tattoo designs

One of five tattoo designs done for my brother's friend Pencil then biro on paper
potrebbe piovere +gif psichedelica oggi ho rispolverato

cloud tattoo drawing

oggi ho rispolverato i miei vecchi pantoni, accorgendomi che oltre ad esserne spariti un sacco dall'astuccio, ho completamente disimparato ad usarli (o forse non ne son mai stata capace...) Ho buttato giù un po' di bozze per il mio futuro tatuaggio e questa è quella venuta meglio. manca la frase che ancora deve trovare collocazione adeguata. comunque ho optato per uno stile old school super colorato, ma prevedo ancora cambiamenti prima dell'inchiostraggio definitivo. il concetto è sempre quello, si rifà a uno dei miei film preferiti (Frankenstein Jr.) da cui ho tratto anche il nome della mia fabbrica dei mostri/pupazzi/spille > potrebbe piovere - handmade
Metroid Tattoo Black shading underway

shoulder tattoo shading

Black shading underway
Koi Carp Sleeve Shading and Colour 02-04-2010 10-33-13 Final colour and

koi shading

Final colour and shading on the Koi sleeve. All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland
Tattooing continues... My next victim,

hibiscus shading tattoo

My next victim, a spaghetti squash, undergoing a treatment of flowers and leaves. Practicing with the machines, getting a better feel for the tools and steps. Mainly getting a hang of what to expect out of shading, though much can't be done when the squash is turning into mush after one or two passes. I'm loving this.
Rose Henna Stain Volcano Henna By

rose tattoo shading design

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY June 2011 Will travel worldwide
When The Night Comes Mania de pintar

tattoo color shading

Mania de pintar me persegue agora.