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Perchè il tatuaggio è un momento quasi spirituale. Un unione profonda tra il tatuatore e il suo cliente. Tra la pelle e l'ago. Tra l'emozione e un disegno. E guardare mentre tutto questo accade sotto gli occhi è qualcosa di meraviglioso. [ Aggiungo che nonna sta bene. Le tocca solo rimettersi. Grazie a tutti voi per essermi stati "vicini" ]

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Inked for Life This is the

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This is the tattoo I got for my friend Zack who passed away last year. I plan on adding on to it at some point but I really like it. His full name was Zachary Daniel Peardon
 Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent

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Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent 25-26.07.2009
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The local tattoo artist (a wonderfully sweet guy with a ready smile) works on Phillip. This is a traditional thai "bamboo" tattoo method. The rod is bamboo, and he affixes a few needles to the end. Then he applies his amazingly steady hand. It is far less painful than the tattoo gun used here. It also healed much more quickly. I got a Thai word for reverence on my wrist. Phillip got the Thai word for monkey - Ling. A few locals pointed a dusky langur out in the trees behind the hut to me when P was getting this done. The "good monkey." That was the only time we saw a langur in the village area - they usually spend more time on the outskirts. We interpreted that as a good omen.
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tatuagem blessed Photo: Cláudia

escrita tatuagem Photo: Cláudia F.
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getting inked eric was great.

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eric was great.