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Simple henna on Mariam for Eid A beautifully simple

pictures of indian mehndi floral art

A beautifully simple floral design. Love it.
SX Tattoo by Bob Queiroz É com muito

tatuagem feminina de caveira

É com muito orgulho que venho mostrar o resultado da minha parceria com a Empresa Sestini, com a linha de mochilas "SX Tatoo by Bob Queiroz" são vários modelos bacanas e uma variedades de estampas, todas desenhadas por mim, as mochilas e estojos serão distribuidos para lojas do ramos em todo país, espero que gostem
100_4677 [ February 2009

girl floral foot tattoos

[ February 2009 ] New mehndi tattoos on my feet. This was the day of.. Don't my feet look swollen and nasty? Blech. Only took about 2-3 hours and I drew part of it myself! Have to go back in 3 weeks to get him to finish the left foot and touch up the right foot.
IMG_0082 some mish mashed

mehndi floral design

some mish mashed doodling on Rebbecca
Nazaré - Bahia - Brazil Pés de mulher

tatoo feminina pernas

Pés de mulher tatuada, que mora em Nazaré, na Bahia.
The Garden Snake 9" x 16"

floral collage tattoo

9" x 16" Alkyd and Acrylic on Paper and Birch Panel New painting for 'Playful Extremities' at Giant Robot NY! Opens January 16th! If interested in purchasing, please contact Giant Robot
100_5531 [ April 4,

show me tattoo black floral

[ April 4, 2009 ] Finally went back to see Rob at Lucky 13 and had my tattoos touched up. It was supposed to be a 3 week touch up.. but between his schedule and mine it ended up being like.. a 2 month touch-up. Anyway, just had him go over a few of the spots that had faded and add a bit more around the ankle.. no big deal. I am thinking about going back again in 3 weeks to get him to color in the flowers with white ink to help the contrast. I know it won't last a super long time but I can always get it done again and again.. and again.. Haha. Anyway. So yeah.. updated photos! Taken day of touch-up so my feet look fat and swollen again. Bleh.