Tattoo full moon clouds - Tattoowise

Cosmic Dawn Model: Link Moon:

moon stars clouds tattoo

Model: Link Moon: Link Flaming Hair: Link Tattoos: my work ;)
I ♥ U Blood and milk

tattoo clouds over moon

Blood and milk pour from a kettle summoned into the sky whilst a giant tin robot duels a mind controlling and demon-possessed barn in order to stop the apocalypse.
2516078875_dd6baa9c6b_m Look at the

tattoo design moon clouds

Look at the lovely eyes..
022 Flowers from dollar

tattoos of clouds and moon

Flowers from dollar store.
clay marbles - possibly from the 1800's a couple of

moon tatoo person

a couple of interesting pieces from my collection
+ 1 Girl 4 Styles + Ma modèle, Charline,

tattoo of a star and moon

Ma modèle, Charline, durant un shooting sur différents thèmes vestimentaires.
Just watch the sky... Afi lyrics come

eyes in clouds tattoo

Afi lyrics come to mind when I see this. Septum piercing looks funny here.
New Tattoo Idea obviously, the moon

crescent moon

obviously, the moon and flag will be more realistic looking, and the flag will be colored in purple, but I couldn't figure out how to do that.. =)