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IMG_1515MLRBW Photo by Spott

inside lip tattoo

Photo by Spott the Loonie while inking was underway.
Fashionistas Inside These girls are

tattoo lip in white ink

These girls are ready to walk the runway and you will be too when you carry this purse. Waiting for you at
peace. fiz 18 anos

lip tattoos ideas

fiz 18 anos ontem, e não postei a foto que eu pretendia, na verdade nem fiz ela, rs mas hoje fiz minha primeira tatuagem, foi dahora, não doeu :( sei que ela está num lugar estranho, mas eu acho muito foda. então é isso, abraço galera. foto by: @nattyas
lip tattoo Got a tattoo

heart lip tattoos

Got a tattoo of a little heart in my lip
 Dress024 This is my

lip tattoos

This is my super hot, tatted-out babe of a friend, Sarah, who is modeling the most fabulous purchase I've ever made: A fabulous $60 wedding dress I bought off Ebay!!!! I bought this specifically with her in mind. This was a test shoot for a Trash the Dress session we'll be doing when the weather gets warmer.
TikiTattoo1 Done by "Butch"

tattoo done in inner arm

Done by "Butch" at Ultimate Skin in Leeds. Superb artist and all round top bloke
Lipstick Tattoo Lipstick tattoo, on

tattoo lip stick him

Lipstick tattoo, on make-up sleeve.
MUM tattoo right upper inner arm Mum tattoo inner

arm tattoos inner

Mum tattoo inner upper arm this one hurt bad but was woth the pain.

cupcake lip tattoo
Girl, Mali


{day 141} I love April

lip tatoos

I love April Fool's day and I almost forgot about it this year! I tricked 2/3 people I tried fooling, so not too bad. The best was my parents when I wrote to them saying I was getting a tattoo with a friend after work. My dad almost had a heart attack and was in the car ready to find and stop me from tarnishing my body! Happy April Fool's day! ..and If I were to get a real tattoo I would put it some place weird like the inside of my lip or on a toe or something small. I change my mind a lot so I know I would regret whatever I got.
My new Tattoo Soooooooo chuffed with

inner arm tattoo white

Soooooooo chuffed with it.... but my GOD it hurt!! Looks uneven but thats just the angles. let me know what you think!
"Ben" Tattoo on my

inner arm tattoos

Tattoo on my left arm (below the elbow), means "Ben" in Japanese