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w5 Wayne King

tattoo cover ups

Wayne King
"Hunger Pangs" by Joe Capobianco For information on

tatuagem pin ups

For information on how to purchase this or any artwork seen here please email
Dia 40|365 Fugindo um pouco

tattoos mess

Fugindo um pouco da coisa de sempre....
w2 Wayne King

cover ups

Wayne King
LADY WOLF TATTOO Wearing my very

pin ups

Wearing my very special new Tattoo, and really.. not much else. Wearing; Skin: Pale Skin (Freckles), Teacher, Minnu Palen, MM (Minnu Model Skins) Lingerie: *PERSONA* Misbehaved Lingerie in Gold Tattoo: Wolverhampton Wanderers Fleur Tattoo (made by me.) (Those Wolves better deliver me a late Birthday present on the 15th... Sheff Utd. is going down! )
Instant Junk The following are

tattoo screw ups

The following are instant photographs, Polaroids & Instax, which have for one reason or another failed to turn out correctly or develop properly. There are exposure errors, mechanical problems, and unknown factors. The photo is initially greeted with hostility due to the errors. Only after time and contemplation does one see the beauty in the colors and randomness that the photograph exudes. To see the rest, go here