Tattoo of a women half good half evil - Tattoowise

The King Heron Graphite on Paper

tattoo art good and evil

Graphite on Paper 8 1/2" x 11" Re-evolution of the bird series
Tattoo of Marc the celt These are the

good and evil tattoo

These are the tattoo´s of a friend of mine. He wants a poster of it, ´cause his girlfriend want it for christmas eve. Some of the tattoo´s bleached over the years and so i have to boost it.
Good Bird

good and evil tattoos
Glassware and Rose This is a

tattoo good and evil

This is a still life drawing in graphite (pencil) done on paper. It measures 24" x 19" and has been made on archival paper.
Evil Bird In Progress

evil and good tattoos
Emma Our special strobist

1950 women tattoos

Our special strobist test pinup edition!! Taken in Hamilton, Ontario. Please feel free to comment!!
gypsy ribs tattoo by Mark

good british tattoos

tattoo by Mark Ainsworth Rain City Tattoos 101-223 west broadway Vancouver BC Canada
 pattaya soi buakhao

candid photos of women

pattaya soi buakhao