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Another go at HDR Two Lockheed C-130Hs one belonging to the Royal Jordanian Air Force the other with the Royal Air Force of Oman taxi out for departure from RAF Fairford at the end of RIAT 2010 19th July 2010
New Found Glory @ Sala Apolo, Barcelona 2009

tattoos for the name jordan
New Found Glory @ Sala Apolo, Barcelona 2009

name jordan tattoos
watchout! theres ghosts been wanting to

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been wanting to do this for a long time now. finally got to do it, i like the turn out. what do you think?
Hey Jordan, which way is North? Like all good

tattoo name jordan

Like all good things at the Madonna Inn shoot, this was designed by Julia. Or so Jordan said. Having only known him a few weeks now, and only actually met him on the occasion of the Madonna Inn shoot, it is entirely possible that he is lying, that he got this tattoo while drunk on shore leave during his tour with the merchant marines. Or that this is an image that came to him during an extended hallucination in the desert, while his body processed all too much mescaline. Wow, those almost sound cooler than "my friend designed it for me." Maybe I'll believe those, instead. In any event, this is on a man's body, and has awakened my love of tattoos. I want one that covers my whole back, got the design picked out and everything, but, apparently, these things cost money. The size I want, lots of money. Feel free to donate to my Tattoo Fund.
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the name jordan tattoo

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