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Delirio post Milan-Liverpool Athens 23 -

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Athens 23 - 5 - 2007
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The Boys Are Back Another contribution to

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Another contribution to our 7" single cover illustration book finished this fall. I re-used an older piece (yet again) but heavily modified it to fit the subject better. I´m actually starting to like this method of recycling old stuff, not just because it´s saving time - maybe it´s this smooth evolutionary type of progress on a piece (whatever that means).
504 Shop in Olympia,


Shop in Olympia, WA
Angelo "This picture is

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"This picture is #10 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at" I was taking the train up the central valley of California and I met Angelo who was traveling to Merced to visit his mother and grandmother. He had just added to his tattoo. His ink was done in Tempe by a tattooist named Joe. It was some time since his last visit and he was looking forward to his abuelito's killer shrimp salsa.
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Slip Out the Back You know me,

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You know me, I used to get caught up in everyday life Tried to make it through my day so I could sleep at night Tried to figure out my way through the maze Of rights and wrongs, but like you used to say Nothing feels like it's really worth it Forget perfect, I'm trying not to be worthless Since I last saw you I been looking for a purpose Well I met this kid who thought like I did He had a weird way of looking at it This is what he said Slip out the back before they know you were there And at the worst you'll see nobody cares Cos you don't wanna be around when it all goes down Even heroes know when to be scared I don't remember where I met him or remember his name But he walked funny like he was just too big for his frame Just over five foot but he weighed a buck fifty And what he said just seemed so right it stuck with me Listen, its like poker you can play your best But you got to
Day 014/365 - KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN! and Number 6 Tis a sad,

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Tis a sad, sad day my friends, for both Ricardo "Fine Corinthian leather" Montalban and Patrick "I am not a number, I am a free man!" McGoohan died today. Sadly I don't have the box set of the Prisoner, so this copy of the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh will have to do for a memorial for Patrick. . . .
AITUI 10 June 30 Release Available at AITUI

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Available at AITUI _______________________ "Hannah`s Regret" chest tattoo. From Meg & Dia`s "Monster" And "Number 1 Dime" leg tattoo. From The Rangers` "Number 1 Dime" Leg tat says: "Baby you stay on my head like a fitted cap And everything you do you know I'm feeling that Baby you could run my heart like a marathon And I'll do anything for you to put me on"
Expo "7 Péchés Capitaux" Photographie d'Eileen Modèle

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Photographie d'Eileen Modèle : Eileen Mise en scène : Franck Tourneret Maquette : Franck Tourneret