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Love drawn out Um.. I drew

Love drawn out

Um.. I drew it. All of the letters are sign language except for the "E". Lol. Lazy, FTL

Photo by: smartchik2013

Petra said 9 years ago:
That's not sign language.
kev said 9 years ago:
yes it is except for the e
Car said 8 years ago:
No it's not. its the alphabet. sign language for i love you is to make an L with your index finger and your thumb. then out up your pinky aswell
Kryss said 8 years ago:
Car, you are correct. Having a handicapped daughter, we are functional in sign language. That is one of our most-used signs. The photo is correct, not the drawing. Now if I can find a tattoo stencil for this. Been looking all over the place. Take care.

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