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Fierce... 62/365 Feb 26. This

negative space

Feb 26. This is so far out of my comfort zone, you don't even know. View On Black AAM - Fierce WTL - Somewhere new TOTW - It's good to be negative
rocket ship Tattoo by, Andra

outer space tattoo

Tattoo by, Andra King
Tatuagem Space Pinup tattoo WIP

tattoos of the space needle
48/365 1/3/09 Today I

tattoo theme by

1/3/09 Today I am wrapping up a week-long theme by sarasco called "I Know This Much is True...". . So, I know this to be true...I will always be a goody-goody at heart. I have always been "the good girl" out of all my friends. Haha! Oh man, and this photo cracks me up sooo much. You see, this is my friend, Sarah, who is totally rad and we've been friends ever since junior high. Back in about the 8th Grade I was having a slumber party for my cheerleading squad and Sarah and a couple other girls decided to be rebels and light up some of my Mom's cigarette butts they found in an ash tray. Well, I lost it! I yelled at them all and told them to get out of my house! Haha! That is so what this photo reminds me of! (I would like to add that I had just finished photographing a 50th
Tatuagem Space Pinup tattoo WIP

space needle tattoos
duh duh duh duh duhduhduhdudhudhduhduh it was a

space needle tattoos pictures

it was a stick and poke one, wasn't it. also if you've never played space invaders (what) that is how the space invaders music goes..
Tatuagem Space Pinup tattoo WIP

tattos of space needle
red ink the bottom of

space sleeve

the bottom of the wrist
enlightenment Macro Mondays Theme:

tattoo gallery theme

Macro Mondays Theme: Celebration of Life / Tribute to Baissie I still remember Baissie's first Macro Monday post and the email that I received that followed my first comment on his photo. He was an amazing man, thoughtful and respectful. My prayers go out to his friends and family - it was an honor to have known him. I will miss his photos and comments. Vajrasattva is the priest of the 5 Transcendental Buddhas. His practice is one of purification through the realization that in your true nature, you were never impure. He is visualized in the foundation meditation practices of Tantra, with the aim of generating Bodhichitta, the cosmic will to enlightenment. He is represented in two forms, single and yabyum. He is usually white in color and sits crossed legged with a dorje (vajra) in his right hand
UFO flying in front of Jupiter the title says

tattoo sleeve space

the title says it all
meteorite ! (Space scifi sleeve) I have a

tattoo space sleeve

I have a meteor on my arm ....