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It starts Tattoo by Mate,

travel tattoo symbols

Tattoo by Mate, Shadow tattoo studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Optimus Prime symbols 2 & 3 (hi-res) Taken straight from

kanji tattos symbols

Taken straight from the Transformers movie posters at the movie theater because I felt like having a hi resolution close up of these symbols. BTW, can anyone please tell me what these mean, that is if they have a meaning.
Mater o que importa


o que importa é que eu gostei rsrsrsrs beijim de domingo ;o)
don't look back and be blue This is don't

love symbols gallery

This is don't look back and be blue from the Curd series. A blue version of Don't look back. Can be appriciated at any angle. My doodles work the mind to see the true image. Prints via post or email for $10 - paypal
Honor Thy Father See for

tattoo gallery father

See for the original drawing I used. Gabby Moore is the artist not me. Its about 10" high by about 11" wide on a 17" x 17" piece of white cotton. The spider legs are coloured in with a bit of Crayola and Prang crayons so you can see them a bit better. The banner is filled with seed stitches. Its all done in 2 strands of floss except for the hairy parts of the legs which are done in 4 strands. I am happy with the way it came out and I am glad I kept the American spelling of honor (instead of honour) because I would have had to make the letters smaller to fit . Plus I had already used the marker on it so I was stuck with the lettering :)
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