Tattoo that says believe - Tattoowise

step 3 Next to be

we believe in black

Next to be finished; the lovely green vines!
All healed Everytime I look

tatoo believe on wrist

Everytime I look at this I smile. I love it so much
ThreeHundred & fifty-seven/365:  i believe... myself for

words tattoo believe myself for the first time in my life. And here's my memento to remind me anytime I falter
4 days old white ink tatto

tattoo believe in white

white ink tatto 4 days old. Done at Captain Jack's Tattoo in Portland, OR.
believe Pentax Asahi k1000

believe tattoo arm

Pentax Asahi k1000
Believe Tattoo design by Denise A. Wells Beautiful colors! Had

tatouage believe

Beautiful colors! Had fun playing with the colors for this one.... *I have added this design to Rock You Live - Stickers on myspace so feel free to find it on myspace page and add it to your profiles Stickers Board....=) More of my artwork can be seen at
Believe until the end! I'm in love

believe tattoo stars

I'm in love with my new baby :') not finished yet
Miley Cyrus Tattoo?? if it is.

designs for believe tattoos

if it is. the I LOVE IT! it llook like saying "just believe"
Got my first tattoo and it hurt

believe on wrist

and it hurt like heck, but it was so worth it
daily reminder ... ... i'm closer

tattoo believe and stars

... i'm closer than i was yesterday ... @ diego's be·lieve (b-lv) v. be·lieved, be·liev·ing, be·lieves 1. To accept as true or real: Do you believe the news stories? 2. To credit with veracity: I believe you. 3. To expect or suppose; think: I believe they will arrive shortly. v.intr. 1. To have firm faith, especially religious faith. 2. To have faith, confidence, or trust: I believe in your ability to solve the problem. 3. To have confidence in the truth or value of something: We believe in free speech. 4. To have an opinion; think: They have already left, I believe. []
Believe She rocks our

believe tattoo with star

She rocks our world. Dau <3