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Vintage Clothing Shoot - Bella Jade Photo from a

busty tattooed pics

Photo from a vintage clothing and cars shoot, July 2011, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The goal was to get a convincing pin-up look so that photos could be used in a vintage graphic design project. Model is Bella Jade (MM#2104292). See the full set here.
Just married! Photos by the

tattooed bride and groom

Photos by the awesome, Andy McKay Wedding of Leigh & Vonny Moyes, 06.01.11, Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a brilliant, child-friendly wedding and reception for 100 of our nearest and dearest, culminating in the Bride & Groom's band, Echo Arcadia, treating the guests to a surprise gig
KATG tattoo: Done and Done Getting my first

getting tattooed

Getting my first tattoo, an homage to Keith and the Girl. An amazing podcast that has brought me many many close friends and incredible experiences.
Tia I don't usually

tattooed lingerie

I don't usually do B&W stuff, but I thought this looked much nicer in B&W than colour Model: Tia ---- © Tharaka Pathirage 2011 5D Mark II + 50L Camera rear right; Yongnuo YN-560 at 1/64th power bounced of wall on right side Triggered with Phottix Atlas
Barfußpark Dornstetten Glasscherben! Autsch! Das

tattooed in stone

Glasscherben! Autsch! Das sieht recht entspannt aus, war aber richtig aua.
Through the Crowd  Bikini contestant in

tanned tattooed feet

Bikini contestant in blue at Texas Showdown 2012. Do us both a favor and do not bother favoriting if you have no photos or stolen (web found) photos or if you have photos of your genitals in your stream, because you will be quickly blocked, no exceptions.
Alicia_Wallace4 On June 6,

heavily tattooed girls

On June 6, 2010, heavily tattooed women gathered for a photo shoot at Frenetic Theater in Houston. This event was organized to promote the documentary Covered, Also, Matt Crawford and Che Rickman, directors of the documentary Luminary, did the light painting and portrait photography.
Katie @ Thc Ink tattooing..

tattooed hearts

Elyse Testing my new

tattooed model mayhem

Testing my new 70-200 VR II
.. Shot by Daniel

chestpiece tattooed

Shot by Daniel Paris.