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Tattoo by Nick Anderson of Body Adorned
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Tatuajes del In Memory con Das a la aguja. ► Foto : Nains Fatale ► Procesado : Nains Fatale Puedes encontrarme en Twitter | Tuenti | Formspring
XDEERX The project about

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The project about my father's family participate in a international contest. Its a contest with jury and also a public voting. So if you like, you can vote or leave a comment. Thanks to everyone!
Image_0222 04/28/2006 - Third

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04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours)
tribute tattoo to my nonna I got this

nonna tattoo

I got this tattoo on Dec 30 2005. My grandmother (nonna in Italian) passed away Aug 16, 2005. She was an angel, and meant alot to me and my sisters so we are each getting this tattoo (a variation of it) to remember her by. My younger sister got hers but my twin sister had to wait because she was pregnant when we got ours. This is what the tattoo looks like today, a year later. This is my fourth tattoo.
tribute tattoo to my nonna this pic and

tattoo for nonna

this pic and the next couple were taken right after I got back from Mexico where I got the flowers on this tattoo redone for the third time. The first time the flowers were yellow/orange and too pale (because they aren't outlined in black) so the tattooist redid the flowers with brighter colours but then when it peeled during the healing process all the new colour came out. A month later I went to Puerto Vallarta and got a guy there to redo them in pink. This time it worked. I LOVE them in pink. And the lettering is exactly what I wanted.
The shopping bear, from behind I don't get

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I don't get the appeal.
To my little baby Penny is gone.

tattoo in memory of cat

Penny is gone. I had to let her go last Sunday, and with her, a part of my heart went over the rainbow bridge. She was in the clinic for weeks, and shortly before I had to make the most terrible decision of my life, she even seemed to have improved a little... I am still not sure what it was that made her so sick, but most likely Toxoplasmosis. There's only few cases, and my little baby had to be one of them. My brave little fighter, my first love, I will forever miss you. There is nothing in the world that could ease my pain, I am hurting like never before. You left marks on all our lives, and I know you're not far away. There is only a thin curtain keeping it apart, and I will be looking for the signs you send me. Penny, this one is for you. This is my sign to you. I will forever love you.
mom's piece front of mom's

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front of mom's piece
Ink or not to ink..That's  the question. My possible choice

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My possible choice for a tattoo.? There is somethings that can be said about your relatives , what could it be? Out of all of my family aunts and uncles i admire and respect each one. Each one has things of value that you can admire , sometimes you listen sometimes you don't... that's what makes one an individual. I am really not a fan of tattoo's My earliest experience seeing a tat was with my Uncle John , a Korean war combat veteran. and he has a killer tattoo.. trying to pry war stories from my Grandfather as he was a WWII , Korea , Vietnam , veteran for such a career vet never getting any story's I was sure disappointed in never hearing stories from him except for one story about a army payroll convoy being attacked in the Philippians somewhere. and a payroll truck was hit with an explosive raining down peso's everywhere. My Uncle was the same way never talked shop about Korea, the only thing left was his tattoo . the way in which he burst my bubble was done in such a fashion ..The conviction and sincerity of how he defused my awe over a tat seamed to have worked. My interest as i got older in military history going in the Marines knowing full well the reason not to get tattoo's If one chose to learn about combat horrors of trophy collecting. best put off ink till safe at home . So i never got one . then i joined revolutionary war re enacting where my historical interest started to bubble up again . i thought it be cool to have two ships broad siding each other or a whaling scene on my back. time passes .. i.never did it. I was surprised to hear about my blemish free saint , my mother considered having a tattoo .. nothing big i was told just a dragon fly , her favorite insect. She never got one . The talk lately on Facebook with railroad friends and my sister, the amount of " in your face " about people with tats are not monsters and the degree of solidarity of those marked with ink seamed to be never ending and the talented iggy_sodashell who's is doing art work and ink .. which got me thinking one more time about it . Not that i have disposable cash to go and mark up my body . at times i think about the things that effect me and i feel important to myself just as a reminder or is it just an excuse . At one time i was very much a strong believer in a totally free Ireland . still do and would have chosen pro Ireland supportive symbols. But since ive never funded them i felt no right to display such symbols . with me that would be like wearing ribbon's that were not earned while in service. So as im older.. i look at things that only matter to me . and with my strong allegiance to wildlife those who have no voice . im thinking of my choice as being very different and not as impressive as one would get .. but has meaning too me something i interpret about my feelings about man and nature and death that come for us all and all i can come up with is the black rabbit of death.. and i don't think its at all horrible especially with my connection and love of rabbits nothing for me could be more fitting since i miss my rabbit farm. With the passing of my mother and now knowing she wanted one and all these circumstances coming to play my thought of getting one is becoming more frequent . The one person who i would want to commission her work but i don't think she ever visits my site but one time, so i know she may never know . i like her and love her work and talent and i dont think of anyone who to do it. so Ivy i feel awkward in asking you. and my last thought should i do it at all. So im in the dumps again with a torn muscle hang around and mend. Time passes :. it is now Wed Oct 31 2012 . my mothers laptop crapped out on me . both of our trucks needs new tires and brakes and im here again alone with my thoughts . I was contacted by another person with ambitions of railroad work and looking for answers. this now makes the second person who has come to me looking for advice . and i find it strange i can still be non bias in regards to
Joanne's Sparrow for Suzanne.

memory tattoos

for Suzanne.