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 Tattoo by Nick

in memory of butterfly tattoos

Tattoo by Nick Anderson of Body Adorned
 Tatuajes del In

tattoos in memory of

Tatuajes del In Memory con Das a la aguja. ► Foto : Nains Fatale ► Procesado : Nains Fatale Puedes encontrarme en Twitter | Tuenti | Formspring
XDEERX The project about

in memory of tattoo pictures

The project about my father's family participate in a international contest. Its a contest with jury and also a public voting. So if you like, you can vote or leave a comment. Thanks to everyone!
Image_0222 04/28/2006 - Third

memory sleeve tattoos

04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours)
tribute tattoo to my nonna I got this

nonna tattoo

I got this tattoo on Dec 30 2005. My grandmother (nonna in Italian) passed away Aug 16, 2005. She was an angel, and meant alot to me and my sisters so we are each getting this tattoo (a variation of it) to remember her by. My younger sister got hers but my twin sister had to wait because she was pregnant when we got ours. This is what the tattoo looks like today, a year later. This is my fourth tattoo.
tribute tattoo to my nonna this pic and

tattoo for nonna

this pic and the next couple were taken right after I got back from Mexico where I got the flowers on this tattoo redone for the third time. The first time the flowers were yellow/orange and too pale (because they aren't outlined in black) so the tattooist redid the flowers with brighter colours but then when it peeled during the healing process all the new colour came out. A month later I went to Puerto Vallarta and got a guy there to redo them in pink. This time it worked. I LOVE them in pink. And the lettering is exactly what I wanted.
EAPoe_2 All that we

cross in memory tattoo

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream - E.A. Poe. 5th tattoo. Inside left ankle. Today is Day 1 so it is a little messy looking.
Trinity. Dianne's trinity symbol

in memory of tattoos

Dianne's trinity symbol for Suzanne.
The shopping bear, from behind I don't get

in memory tatoo on lower back

I don't get the appeal.
tom_tattoo my brother's new

cross tattoos memory

my brother's new tattoo
mom's piece front of mom's

memory of mother tattoo

front of mom's piece
My newest tattoo. Still fresh,scabby and

tattoo memory gallery

Still fresh,scabby and itchy..needs a little touch up soon to show the moon better which is tucked above the tree over to the outside of my bicep.
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