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Now ya know me! "no struggle, no

portrait tattoos with words

"no struggle, no progress"
life is still beautiful -I have a

pictures tattoos on wrist of words

-I have a headache. -I feel trapped. -He never was repentant, just desperate. -I'm not enough. -I've been thinking about a certain someone a lot lately. Someone who I really shouldn't be thinking about. -I'm a procrastinator. -I'm torn and indecisive. -I thought I'd be watching someone I love slowly die of cancer. It turns out the person I loved died 8 years ago, leaving behind a stranger who is now dying of cancer. And yet life is still beautiful. Soon this will no longer be sharpie but a real tattoo.
Us Murrell's Inlet, SC

words letters tattoos

Murrell's Inlet, SC
be here now new tattoo. a

tattoo text words

new tattoo. a reminder to myself to live in the moment.
 I wish i

shoulder tattoo with words

I wish i had a story that was worth listening to. this is written in eyeliner. yes im wearing a shirt. yes this is overly grainy. yes i hate flickr for it.
Ragdoll Dakota Justine choppy falls!

tattoos of long words choppy falls!
tough luck "Body Language," a

words on the stomach

"Body Language," a series.
kellystat222 my niece's new

meaningful tattoo gallery

my niece's new tattoo-a pic of her mom. *note--this was taken by my niece with a camera phone.
the airborne starlings circle The airborne starlings

feet tattoos with words

The airborne starlings circle over the frozen fields. You can just see a scar on the inside of my right foot. After an operation my foot doesn't look like it is mine so I am planning a tattoo of this lyric - although in a much prettier font! This is just a biro looking at a layout playing with separating the words. Natural light, just fixed the levels in photoshop - the black ridge at the top was part of the raw shot.
ThreeHundred & fifty-seven/365:  i believe... myself for

words tattoo believe myself for the first time in my life. And here's my memento to remind me anytime I falter
Third Tattoo My girlfriend and

tattoo words love

My girlfriend and I both got this today 2/2/2009 for our 1 year anniversary. We got it done at Octopus Ink in Tacoma Washington. She really did slap me so I kissed her and check us out we've made it a year and were still going strong!
Word of God 2 Self portrait. The

tattoo words of god

Self portrait. The writing is from Exodus and Revelations, courtesy of a good friend of mine. It took roughly three hours of writing.
new tattoo! the last 7

tattoo words on your chest

the last 7 words in james joyce's 'ulysses'. i've wanted this forever, and it'll probably turn into a larger piece. i think i'll probably have him fix up the S's a little bit so they're more connected. otherwise it's perfect! it's still red, i still have tape marks on my boobs, but it's only a little sore this morning. tattooing directly over the sternum HURTS. the collarbones do a little bit, too. oh, and as far as what it means to me: it's hard to explain, but it's one of those phrases that's stuck in my head since i read it. it's one of the most passionate statements ever written. it's very female. and if you know me, you know i'm not the least bit tentative about anything. i tend to know right away what i want and how i feel, and i'll jump without thinking twice. it kind of sums that up for me. (done by jon sweet at uptown tattoo)
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