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Now ya know me! "no struggle, no

portrait tattoos with words

"no struggle, no progress"
Us Murrell's Inlet, SC

words letters tattoos

Murrell's Inlet, SC
life is still beautiful -I have a

pictures tattoos on wrist of words

-I have a headache. -I feel trapped. -He never was repentant, just desperate. -I'm not enough. -I've been thinking about a certain someone a lot lately. Someone who I really shouldn't be thinking about. -I'm a procrastinator. -I'm torn and indecisive. -I thought I'd be watching someone I love slowly die of cancer. It turns out the person I loved died 8 years ago, leaving behind a stranger who is now dying of cancer. And yet life is still beautiful. Soon this will no longer be sharpie but a real tattoo.
kellystat222 my niece's new

meaningful tattoo gallery

my niece's new tattoo-a pic of her mom. *note--this was taken by my niece with a camera phone.
be here now new tattoo. a

tattoo text words

new tattoo. a reminder to myself to live in the moment.
 I wish i

shoulder tattoo with words

I wish i had a story that was worth listening to. this is written in eyeliner. yes im wearing a shirt. yes this is overly grainy. yes i hate flickr for it.
Ragdoll Dakota Justine choppy falls!

tattoos of long words choppy falls!
tough luck "Body Language," a

words on the stomach

"Body Language," a series.
85/365 there is no ending <i>not everything must

tattoo text and words

not everything must end not every romance must descend not every lover's pact decays not every sad mistake replays if you can love my growing gut my rotten teeth and greying hair then i can guarantee i'll do the same as long as you can bear if you love my little poofy hands my skinny arms and reeking feet the way i dance, the way i eat...
the airborne starlings circle The airborne starlings

feet tattoos with words

The airborne starlings circle over the frozen fields. You can just see a scar on the inside of my right foot. After an operation my foot doesn't look like it is mine so I am planning a tattoo of this lyric - although in a much prettier font! This is just a biro looking at a layout playing with separating the words. Natural light, just fixed the levels in photoshop - the black ridge at the top was part of the raw shot.
ThreeHundred & fifty-seven/365:  i believe... myself for

words tattoo believe myself for the first time in my life. And here's my memento to remind me anytime I falter
Third Tattoo My girlfriend and

tattoo words love

My girlfriend and I both got this today 2/2/2009 for our 1 year anniversary. We got it done at Octopus Ink in Tacoma Washington. She really did slap me so I kissed her and check us out we've made it a year and were still going strong!
Word of God 2 Self portrait. The

tattoo words of god

Self portrait. The writing is from Exodus and Revelations, courtesy of a good friend of mine. It took roughly three hours of writing.
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