Tattoos on wrist with name - Tattoowise

Russo at work home tatttoing by

circle tattoos wrist

home tatttoing by mexican tattoo artist 'russo' / naualli ñuu savi
Hardcore Brighton. January 2011.

font tattoo wrist

Brighton. January 2011.
Star k Adding the reds...

red star tattoo wrist

Adding the reds...
Dirge Within trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within.

tattoo wrist band

trivium//chimaira// whitechapel//dirge within. club firestone: orlando, florida. dec. 12th, 2009.
Key Tattoo

key wrist tattoo
064 - Caffeinated My first tattoo,

wrist tat pic

My first tattoo, done in 1993 by my friend Kevin using my own design. Day 064, January 5, 2007 365 Days
No regrets; no.76 I'm so exhausted.

sharpie tattoo on wrist

I'm so exhausted. I had a ridiculously fun sleepover last night, but it wore me out so much. I might go to sleep slightly early...for once in my life.