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Impulsiva Model: Izar Aristondo


Model: Izar Aristondo Photo: Silvia R. Cámara
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♫ ♫ Bjork- Big Time Sensuality And yesterday, there I went, to the last night of the Arabian nights festival, in Faro.. many dancing, fakirs, the snake as well, a good time with good friends, taken many pictures and this time I didn't forgot the flash... but this one was without his help ;o) Constructive Comments only! No Copy-Paste comments, no badges with nothing personal said... See. Watch. Observe. Feel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No BLOG.. © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal. Unauthorized Use, copy, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital phot
 Model: Izar Aristondo

bailarina tattoo

Model: Izar Aristondo Photo: Silvia R. Cámara
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