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shiva parvati 1 margaret's back piece

mandala tattoo om

margaret's back piece in progress (shiva is still peeling and parvati is fresh)
Aum tat One of the

om with buddha

One of the close-up shots
buddhist tatt om mani padme

om buddhist tattoo

om mani padme hum mantra and om symbol within a lotus design
Bride's Ankle- Bridal Shower Volcano Blue Henna

om tattoo ankle

Volcano Blue Henna September 2009
Symbols Parque Patricios

simbolo tatuaje

Parque Patricios
Neck Om 1 This is the

om tattoo art

This is the Hindu symbol Om. It is the symbol of the Absolute. I was asked to do a symbol of importance and great meaning. This is the first thing that came to mind. In this picture the paste is still setting. The next day the symbol was barely visible. She kept the paste on for about 8 hours but her skin there was just too resistant. Even after a touchup reapplication the next day it still would not hold. Unfortunate because I had the shape very crisp! It would have been beautiful. I made a home made transfer to use as a template, but that was drawn in reverse in free-hand. I want to try this design on someone again. Volunteers?
Last India Pics 009 Om Shanti Om

om shanti tattoo

Om Shanti Om
Om A beautiful tattoo

hinduism om

A beautiful tattoo my friend Karen has on her back, done in individual dots over a long time. Very intricate!
Chillin Lake Okanagan

om tattos

Lake Okanagan
progression Someone wanted to

tattoo hindu om

Someone wanted to follow the healing process of my tattoo so figured what the hay! :) **The Om is of great importance in Buddhism and Hinduism. Its a sacred symbol representing omnipotent, omnipresent, the source of all existance. Rather than being a word, its rather an intonation; its the Sanskrit letters aa, au & ma when combined make the sound "aum" (Om). Its believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds. When repeated with correct intonation it will resonate throughout the body. It creates harmony, peace and bliss in the sound. I'm sure you've heard the chant "om mane padme hum Artist: AJ @ Ocean Mystique 1. P2224063 , 2. P2234072 , 3. 60 hrs Created with fd's Flickr Toys .