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tattoo de estrela no ombro

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Kevin Jonas .. tattoo. :D Just found this

dani tatto

Just found this out. (Don't call me slow if you already knew, lol. I've been at school all day & this seems to have JUST surfaced due to a Cambio vid. :D) Kevin has a tattoo. It's on his left ring finger & says: Dani. He got it soon after they were married. (: We normally can't see it though 'cause his wedding band covers it up & it just so happens that his ring was off in this picture 'cause he was playing in a Road Dogs game. (; So glad it was. I think it's adorable that he got that tattooed there. & I find it just plain amazing because a Jonas Brother has a tattoo, hahah. (x So what do you guys think of it? (: Follow! I'll follow ya back. (: www.twitter.com/jonasjacksonx
Dani, Bury Tomorrow Been playing around

dani tattoo

Been playing around in photoshop with film frames. Thought I'd put it up. Looks quite nice On Black Strobist info: 430 EX II model front on full power
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Book Ingrid Fotos: João Ricardo Risso e Wilian. *Quer usar essa foto? Muito simples: "Ao utilizar dar os devidos créditos (Lembrando que as fotos não devem ser utilizadas com fins lucrativos): Fotos: Wilian Bergamin - João Ricardo Risso - www.joaoricardo.tk
Tattoo Estrelas Cliente: Gabriela Mendonça

tatuagem de estrelas estrela

Cliente: Gabriela Mendonça
Ana Carol e Luiza Luiza, uma nova

tatuagem estrela barriga

Luiza, uma nova estrelinha.