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Big Time Sensuality ♫ ♫ Bjork-

bailarina para tattoo

♫ ♫ Bjork- Big Time Sensuality And yesterday, there I went, to the last night of the Arabian nights festival, in Faro.. many dancing, fakirs, the snake as well, a good time with good friends, taken many pictures and this time I didn't forgot the flash... but this one was without his help ;o) Constructive Comments only! No Copy-Paste comments, no badges with nothing personal said... See. Watch. Observe. Feel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No BLOG.. © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal. Unauthorized Use, copy, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital phot

tattoo de bailarina

Anahi decanio all rights reserved.
 Model: Izar Aristondo

bailarina tattoo

Model: Izar Aristondo Photo: Silvia R. Cámara
P1340354M - Four star general? In the secret

tatuagem imagem

In the secret army of ink, maybe...
tatuagem bailarina tribal nas costas TARZIA TATTOO -

desenho bailarina

TARZIA TATTOO - TATUAGEM & PIERCING - GUAIANASES - SÃO PAULO/SP - ERICK TARZIA - VEJA MAIS FOTOS E DESENHOS PARA TATUAGEM ACESSANDO O SITE: www.tarzia-tattoo.com ou dúvidas através do E-MAIL: erick@tarzia-tattoo.com e MSN: tarzia-tattoo@hotmail.com
P1270102MC2 Fresh shading, very

imagem de tattoos

Fresh shading, very red with blood. It's properly grey now after healing in.
Costas ..vejo meu reflexo!

imagem de tatuagems

..vejo meu reflexo!
Impulsiva Model: Izar Aristondo


Model: Izar Aristondo Photo: Silvia R. Cámara
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