Tatuagem do peter pan e da sininho - Tattoowise

the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning. my first tattoo

tattoo peter pan

my first tattoo (((: remember always to be young
baby tattoo love it nonetheless.

peter pan tattos

love it nonetheless.
IMG_0067 stary sie dzierga,

tattoo pan

stary sie dzierga, obowiazkowe chyńskie znaki
Hotel Polana. Cidade de Maputo, Moçambique. Jan 11   Polana Hotel. City of Maputo. Mozambique. Jan 11 Hotel Polana. Cidade

tatuagens do sol e da lua

Hotel Polana. Cidade de Maputo, Moçambique. Jan 11 ____________________________ Polana Hotel. City of Maputo. Mozambique. Jan 11
Memento live in a stadium Amore che si

tattoo on da back

Amore che si prova a pelle
Janice @ FNS Studios Group Model Shoot January 15, 2011 Group model shoot


Group model shoot theme, "Artistic" View On Black
decapitazione la decapitazione

tatuagem com nome da me

la decapitazione
tinta negra na tua pele tatuagem do trengo'08

tatuagem da

tatuagem do trengo'08 (L)
Deadmau5 Deadmau5 Columbiahalle, Berlin

so fotos da tatuagens

Deadmau5 Columbiahalle, Berlin 15.06.2011 Photo By: Skyler Greene
bolsa Pintura com tinta

desenho da tatuagem

Pintura com tinta tecido...a partir..de desenhos.. OLd School...estilo bem loco!!!!!!!
Barra da Lagoa. pra sempre. :)

tattoo da praia

pra sempre. :)
018_jeremiah right arm tattoo.jpg lock and load

tatto do peter

lock and load
Zbyszek_4445 I met Mr.

pan tattoos

I met Mr. Zbyszek in the patio of Hortex Ice Cream restaurant in Białystok. He was sitting there with a friend who was just coming back from the funeral of his girlfriend. They were selecting cigarette butts. As Mr. Zbyszek wasn't wearing a shirt I immediately spotted the tattoo on his back. We went to a nearby park to take pictures. Mr Zbyszek spent 22 years in prison all together - he is 51 y.o. Most of his tattoos were done between 1979 - 1992. He served sentences at Sztum, Wronki, Potulice, Barczewo and Kamińsk. A part of classical motifs on his arms and chest (female heads, beetles, skulls) he had a big pornographic tattoo on his back that I immediately fell involved with. His incredibly clear ice-blue eyes reminded me of a friend of mine from the same region of Poland. Białystok, Poland, May 2011