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me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt 002 me in black

hippie face tattoos

me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt
 Alex Ashforth

tattoo hippie flowers

Alex Ashforth
Coyotl <a href="http://youtu.be/ldmaM37P9h4" rel="nofollow">youtu.be/ldmaM37P9h4</a>

hippie tribal tattoo

youtu.be/ldmaM37P9h4 A tribal guy caught dancing at the festival ground. Ozora Festival 2011
ManWoman - Artist, Poet, Warrior Canadian ManWoman is

hippie peace symbol tattoos

Canadian ManWoman is a unique and controversial artist, bringing with him a message of peace and love tattooed all over. Formerly Patrick Charles Kemball, ManWoman was born after a strange out-of-body experience where he believes he touched the Hand of God. ManWoman began a quest to regain the Gentle Swastika, the ancient peace symbol, misappropriated by the Nazis. His journey has included covering his body in over 200 tattoos, mostly Swastikas from cultures across the globe and also a third eye, inked in the centre of his forehead. ManWoman has exhibited his artwork (including a series of 'sacred vaginas' and 'sacred penises') at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and is collected by comedian Dan Aykroyd. www.bizarrearchive.com www.bizarremag.com
Jaclyn Portrait Jacky and I

hippie woman tattoo

Jacky and I went to the local park and decided to do some "senior photo" style portraits. All shots are with natural light off of a reflector and shot with a Nikon D40
McElman_070914_0020 This one is

hippie tattoos

This one is my personal favorite of the bunch.
Art Collector ComFest
Goodale Park
Columbus, Ohio


tatoo de hippie reggae

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio www.comfest.com
summer girl Pen drawing of

peace hippie tattoo

Pen drawing of 60's hippy chick
Iris 4 An appealing gal

pretty hippie tattoos

An appealing gal caught in the festival crowd. I named her Iris, think the name suits her aura. Ozora Festival 2011
Ceramic Table Tops ComFest Goodale Park

comfest hippie

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio www.comfest.com
At The BLACK SHEEP INN in WAKEFIELD QUEBEC Hippie's Custom Tattoos

hippie sign tattoo

Hippie's Custom Tattoos 420 Mill Road in Wakefield Quebec. See Hippie's exotic signage on the left of the shop door.
Nick from Evolved Tat Parlor  ComFest Goodale Park

hippie tats

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio www.comfest.com
Bracelets ComFest Goodale Park

hippie tattoo art

ComFest Goodale Park Columbus, Ohio www.comfest.com/