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A persons tattoos like scars often tell a story. It's always interesting to hear about a person's tattoo and their reason for getting it. These are mine which I have gotten over the years... each with their own story. On my right shoulder is love and on the left shoulder is pain... my yin and yang. There is a fine line between the two. You usually can't have one without the other. That is life... live it, feel it. On my back is a tribal phoenix. The mythical bird that always rises from the ashes. A symbol of rebirth, renewal and strength through adversity. A reminder to stand tall on dark days and be a light for others when they have dark days. On my neck is the egyptian eye of horus. I got it after a serious motorcycle accident from which I was able to walk away from with minor injuries when I probably should've died. It is a symbol of protection and has served me well I think because I've been in some pretty crazy situations. The necklace I'm wearing

Photo by: Nghi La

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Lower back tattoos have become more and more accepted throughout recent years. Want to have one too?

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