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CIMG5174 Cast of the

scotland thistle tattoo

Cast of the Tattoo 2006
Finished Outline 3 hours later!

thistle and tattoo

3 hours later! Still another few sessions until complete!
Shamrock Tattoo Tattoo by Tim

shamrock tattoo free

Tattoo by Tim Baxley Southside Tattoo & Piercing 1597 White Way East Point, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000
shamrock tattoo always the lucky

shamrock irish

always the lucky one.
It's getting there The tattoo on

tattoo scottish thistle

The tattoo on the left was my early christmas present :) it's a scottish symbol ("luckenbooth") meaning love and devotion. It says "to love and be loved". The middle symbol is a celtic tree of life, symbolizing that my family roots run deep, within me. The symbol surrounding it is a celtic clauddah which symbolizes that love is holding us all together. And the tattoo on the right was my first. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old. She was my best friend. And that tattoo started this whole excursion that my family is always behind me, always there. merry christmas :)
art 003 Willing to sell

foot tattoos shamrock

Willing to sell or trade, Sailor Jerry inspired flash. 9'' x 12'' watercolor with speedball fb5 pen.
809 - Briar Patch Pattern This seamless texture

thistle tattoo

This seamless texture is illustrated by Patrick Hoesly and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You may download and use this texture as you like. All that I ask is please give credit to me and a link back to this Flickr page. Please leave a comment and if you like this image, mark this as a favorite. Thank You. What is a Seamless Texture / Pattern? A seamless texture is an image where one side of a image exactly matches the opposite side, so that the edges blend into each other when repeated. Seamless textures are used for desktop wallpaper, webpage backgrounds, Photoshop fills and 3D rendering programs. Shameless Plug about Me: Patrick Hoesly is the owner and lead illustrator of ZooBoing Illustrations, a company specializing in architectural illustrations, graphic design, and marketing material. Our goal is to be the people who help you dream it, design it and draw it. Learn more about how we can help you over at The "family" tattoo My little sister

shamrock or clover tattoo design

My little sister was getting hers (my 2 other sisters already had one) and I decided on a whim to get one, too. Since I'd previously been very anti-tattoo it really surprised them that I was doing it, which was fun for me. I haven't regretted it one bit and am definitely excited about getting another tattoo some day.
Pink Toenails. I did these

tatoo of shamrock

I did these myself.
New tat! I got myself

celtic shamrock tattoo

I got myself painted for my 36th birthday. I'll also add a plug for Derek at Dream Illustration.
IMG_0777 Undies for St.

shamrock tattoo

Undies for St. Patty's Day
Celtic Knotwork and Shamrock. Tattoo by Denise

celtic shamrock tattoo designs

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Jennifer. Hand of Glory, Brooklyn, 2006