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Modelo: Lucía Serie de fotografías de retratos de tatuajes en cuerpos femeninos, siendo siempre el principal punto de interes, dichos tatuajes. El cuerpo se muestra como el lienzo de presentacion de estas obras de arte, siendo este lienzo sensual, sinuoso, coqueto e interesante a la vista, por sus formas y textura. Pueden ver mas información en Series of photographies of portraits of tattooes in feminine bodies, being always the principal point of interest, these tattooes. The body appears as the canvas of presentation of these works of art, being this sensual, sinuous, flirtatious and interesting canvas at sight, for forms and texture. For more information
Mehndi Mela - Henna with Glitter by Ranjana on Aileen A MelodicLotus Pattern.

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A MelodicLotus Pattern. Henna Design and application by Ranjana Patel (
Henna on Myself at Mehndi Mela A MelodicLotus Pattern.

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A MelodicLotus Pattern. Henna by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus) - Shading Tehchique
Bridal Palms - Seema Henna application and

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Henna application and design by Ranjana Patel (

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Saint-tropez june 21 st 2005 ; le 21/06/2005 david beckham walking in the streets of saint tropez (South of france). No credit
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all touched up
Inkster Inc. +919819193391 Tattoos by Andrew

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Tattoos by Andrew Arora, For Professional Tattoos and tattoo training in Mumbai area call us, Inkster Inc. +919819193391
Swallow Tattoo. Tail feathers of

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Tail feathers of my swallow tattoo
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G.George Cell : 9884211116 Tel : 04426471116 Face Booke ID : George Geotattoos, GeoTattoos No:1First floor central street, Kilpauk garden, (Near Hotel Krishna bavan) All credit card acceptd. Any Tattoo cost starting Rs.500
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Ink on a very old off cut piece of bockingford water colour paper that I treat to a chemical bath. scanner hasn't picked up the subtleties in tones and has weird'ed it out a bit. texture to the paper feels like cotton. It has a really nice look and feel to it For more info: daily updates: instagram @sc0tt_
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Wickedly design Element Tattoo Supply t-shirt, ready to go and go nuts. Check out the different t-shirt styles here