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Lucy's New Tattoo Uploaded with Darkslide

treble and bass clef foot tattoo

Uploaded with Darkslide .
tattoo on my foot Bass Clef and

bass clef heart

Bass Clef and Treble Clef made into a heart <3 Me and Josh have matching ones.
Sans La Music le vie serait

music tattoo treble clef bass clef

le vie serait erreur.
. das Lied von

black treble clef tattoo

das Lied von meines Geschichte hat unter meinem Haut geschrieben
photo.jpg Obligatory Tat pic.

bass clef on arm

Obligatory Tat pic.
nuevo excuse the sucky

tatoos of the treble clef

excuse the sucky quality of the photo. it's all the mobile phone cameras fault.
clef custom metallic green

treble clef tattoo foot

custom metallic green treble clef placed on christian's foot
Redefined Love (15/365) 15/365 I was

heart clef

15/365 I was thankful to the first tattoo artist I went to for having the hand to make the outline of my idea right, but the shading was all wrong. I was skeptical to go into another place, but ended up heading to the local shop in Brownsburg on this very rainy afternoon. He made the details sharp and the color pure I'm very pleased. *I was not pleased with all the blood the scar tissue produced. Ick.
gimme some treble for those of

treble clef tattoo piano

for those of you still wondering why on earth i have these tattoo's... i do actually play the piano!
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