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195/365; a mother's wrath. close cap in

tattoo of a tree with roots

close cap in comments. today was awesomeee. i didn't know this big tree was at my location until i got there, and i was eyeballing it and shooting it on it's own just 'cause it was so pretty, then thought, "sod it!" and jumped in. my GOODNESS it was cold. but i'm really pleased and it was worth the wet feet. the last few days have been just, amazing. i'm falling in love with shooting all over again. location stuff is so much fun! just wish this place was closer to home. or i could drive to get there more often! re: close up - excuse my "bored" face, i was trying not to show how baltic it was! haha. facebook | blogspot (BTS) | website | tumblr | formspring group banner fiends and "awarders" will have their comments deleted, and their accounts blocked. absolutely no exceptions. you have been warned.
IMG_1151 Mike's tattoo

tattoo tree roots arm

Mike's tattoo
Quality of life is rooted in knowledge by Cat of

tree tattoo with roots

by Cat of the PainStation in St. Louis
868614 i love it

peace tree roots

i love it
tree tattoo.. work by mark

tree roots tattoo on the back

work by mark bentley at deep roots seattle
new ink Just a quick

ink tree with roots

Just a quick preview: It's the trunk and roots of a tree, growing out of some microchip board design artifacts.
first comissioned tattoo! finally i have

photos of tree art roots tattoos

finally i have a piece on someones body! super awesome, glad the way it came out the tattoo artist did a awesome job in sticking to the original design but also blending in seemlessly his own style. the next step is actually becoming the tattoo artist... haha :]
two tattoos in one week chris and laura

tattoo tree with roots

chris and laura both got tattoos this week. both of them are rad.
you'll always be my thunder rainy day 


rain tree tattoo

rainy day view on black