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Cam Shaft Cam shaft tattoo

celtic tribal clover

Cam shaft tattoo on Attitude Boy (A.o.N. apprentice Raiden). He cried cause he's a little bitch.
newish tattoo The b&w hides

tattoo on the foot tribal

The b&w hides the fact that my foot is bright pink. My most painful tattoo yet...and it's the smallest :)
25/365: atrocious socks After seeing Nouvelle

tribal on the foot

After seeing Nouvelle Vague live yesterday, I now know why every single guy on earth has a French woman fantasy :) It was one of the best performances I've ever seen, although I am not a fan of the band or women vocals. To be honest no one can make me wear those atrocious socks any time anywhere... I wonder how far I'll go for the sake of photography and this 365 days project :) I slept last night!
Cignus Model: Barbara

foot tribal

Model: Barbara
freehand i drew this

tribal celtic tattoos

i drew this on.
high leg apart from the

leg and foot tattoos tribal

apart from the lil skulls on back of my calf, and the celtic knots behind my knee.....everything else is hand poked, tapped and scratched by me, on me !
New Tattoo My newest "body

celtic foot tattoo

My newest "body mod" A really neat celtic spiral tattoo. Design taken from similar designs from the Hilton of Cadoboll Stone found in Ross-shire Scotland. Art done by Jeff at The Edge in Houghton, MI. Just under two inches in diameter.
triangle celtic Custom celtic.

tatouage celtic tribal

Custom celtic.
Swallow Tattoo. Tail feathers of

pictures of nice foot tattoos

Tail feathers of my swallow tattoo